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it is, deep within a darkness, 
a candle flicker catching falling 
shadows and casting them away . 

it is, upon a stormy day, 
a single open parasol sifting 
dryness from out of the rain . . . 

it is a child, hard at work at play, 
that stops to have curiosity 
at something passing . . . 

awareness is the hands 

of the mind reaching out . . . 

bob selby 

l'- p55 ■■■** 1 


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- ' 

HI BJHi H £ni 

■ i ■ 

1970 sayakini 

V - 


■ . * 

<-**». ; ';- 


v.#*' ;« 


< *- — 



'c - „> *_ > 

^^•feB- %S 

academics 16 

beauty court 54 

athletics 72 

seniors 102 

campus life 132 

residences 1 70 

organizations 216 

advertisements 266 


Salisbury, North Carolina 2814-4 


thanks become almost meaningless in an attempt to acknowledge all 
owed to and deserved by this man. he has proven himself to be indispensable 
through his diligence and service, the sayakini and its staff owe their 
very survival to him, and therefore with sincere humility and utmost regards, 
we dedicate the 1970 sayakini to our invaluable friend and advisor mr. 
david setzer. 

today i am afraid 

because i am alone. 

tomorrow i am afraid i will be alone 

because i am. 





* V 



*» s . 

somewhere i search for a me, 

but i am not to be found 

david hughes 


9 *• 



Mi ' ■■'"■ii «h»^ — 

i wait for your return, 
ou have been away from me all. day, 
id i have so many things to tell you. 
i .saw a bird flying today, 
it was a happy flight that this bird flew, 
i also saw a shriveled brown leaf fall from a tree, 
that was sad. 

i saw my reflection in a store window as i passed by. 
it looked like i was searching for someone, 
i was. i am. i am searching for you. 
i have so many things to tell you. 
there you are. ^*i»«fc» 

"i saw a bird flying 

david hughes 


he can not allow himself to be annihilated. 

he senses the approaching truism. 

he musters all his energies. 

he waits. 

he can not permit this absolute to go amiss. 

Jeffrey grube 



k ^y 

.^fjS^L .;; v.-. 2fc| 




as others ravish and rape our fair sister, 
some withdraw 

to watch, to wait, to know, to cry. 
Jeffrey grube 



what have i to share with nature? 

at peace with myself and with my world. 
Jeffrey grube 


who am i 

• -'> 

who are you? 

don't take time to question— keep the pace or don't run the race. 

Jeffrey grube 

break loose, children of freedom! 

do not just look, 

do not just hear, 

touch, feel. 

take off the blinders of society, 
take out the ear plugs, 
remove the gloves. 

be aware, 


nancy anderson 



staff, v^ 

academics, / 


president shotzberger 

as president of the catawba campus, 
dr. m. I. shotzberger is an able mediator 
among students, faculty, and adminis- 
tration, but he is more than this, he is 
an open mind and an available ear to 
all who come to him. deeply involved 
with the students' problems, his warmth 
and compassion make the way a little 
easier for those who seek direction, he 
is as much at home in the canteen, dis- 
cussing current events with the students, 
as he is in his office, functioning as the 
college's administrative leader, when 
you see him in the cafeteria you can 
be sure that he is with a group of stu- 
dents, enjoying their fellowship as 
much as that of his colleagues, for, in 
essence, the students are as much his 
colleagues as are his fellow adminis- 
trators, it is for these reasons that 
catawba college sincerely thanks dr. m. 
I. shotzberger for bridging that in- 
famous generation gap and making 
ours a closer college community. 

" * M 

3L ^"^■I^KiiflH^ \ 

Jr ** %3 


M H 


v-' : * 1 


— ^ 

1 1^1 





henry bernhardt 

david j. sessoms 


albert carpenter 

phyllis byrd 

forest g. pridgen 

loura m. smith 

dr. charles turney 


roberf d. boyd 

bryan applefield 

head residents 


rrha j. Stanley 

mrs. cora g. Wright 

mrs. mary caldwell 

mrs. evelyn deal 


ruby barringer 

business office 

delta cartner 

business office 

barbaro hill 

student personnel 

pat hoffner 

admissions office 

mary ellen king 

athletic office 

francos lee 
president's office 

elaine long 

development offic 

gail minrz 

business office 

eleanor randall 

dean's office 

shirley rhineharr 

business office 

ruth slade 

business office 

carolyn stratton 

dean of students' office 


phyllis warner 

business office 





» » ■ »' 

film, » » H i ii I I i i u 

blair e. beasley, jr. 
dr. gerald I. honaker 

hoyt m. mccachren 
William e. rackley 


gilbert c. pirovano 

william w. suggs \ 

dr. marvin wiggmron \ 


dr. lillie hall onronakos 
lilyan colson 
dr. franc is b. dedmond 
marrha h. morehead 
dr. richord e. pertigrew 
bethany sue sin not! 

social studies 

■ r-jmrr/y. rtj.^""' 1 

U Ml 





rev. porter w. seiwell 

campus pastor 



Sem.'Hrs! Davs Ho 

Room Professor 


S 3 KWF S 

oo n! S 



ophy S 3 TTS 10 


Pfty.ical P 

race ice 

Freshen P IS See Sch 

dule supplement 


Physical P 
Physical P 


Sophomores F l*j See Sch 
Sophomores S 1^ Co be a 
men)** F 3 TTS 9 

oo Gym Whitley 

a if 



00 Gym h'i 

i.!" ; 



dr. j. daniel brown 

dr. paul c. heckerr 
dr. kennerh d. sell 
dr. arthur e. shelton 

dr. sterling h. whitener 
virendra yadav 






doris kaneklrdes 

lounell mullis 

dr. maynard I. rich 

-fl >M *s 


: ~-(^9L5mm 






J 1 PBIKI ^i?nil SIL""» 





2 •ill PW 



s^yR B§m^™^Imib| 1 

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I **■■ lyp .; , 

« IIS I s ' ItM 1 

,! JM* ... j | 

3 BSv.iSrWSS^' . 1 


morgareS h. cress 
mary v. fisher 
claudia I. graham 

ruby i. mcswain 
trances d. wentz 
wiliam g. wilson 

foreign language 

marcm s. carter 
reid jann 

richard a. reitz 
dr. hans c. roemer 

meredith sparks 
dr. johnny I. young 



william gibbons 
jock c. keefer 
frank j. kilgore 


dr. willis h. bell 
\ -'"^ dr. jay a. buxron 

dr. darnel e. kirk 
e. bruce newell 


cdmond g. deal 
robert c. handfield 
dr. donald r. privett 



dr. antonios antonakos 

glenn w. deal 

dr. wendcll e. detty 

Salisbury, North Carolina 28144 


dr. charles bracke 
dr. sophic fischel 

j. curt is montgomery 



• Bachelor's Degree 

• Master's Degree in Education 

• A liberal Arts Education 

• Professional Certification 

• Preparation in a Subject Area 

• Up to $15,000 for two years 

• No Education Courses 

• Placement and Tenure 

Intern Teaching Program for College Graduates 


william m. fairclorh 
Samuel a. moir, jr. 
ray oxendine 


j. harvey strarron 
pat r. whitley 

MMlMii -^ 

- " ."'- .-' - ' w®?ij£%--~' V 


V > 


■•;. y.' 



beauty courts 

patti cook — b section — s - r 

jockie book — e section — s - 

nancy newsom — second floor abernethy 

debby kelly — c and d sections — s - r 

carol stowart — claremont 

penny wagner — first floor abernethy 

zebecco daugherty - — day students 

homecoming queen 

miss catawba 

kathy nelson 

debbie book - 

sue evans — freshn 


debby kelly — freshn 

rlisle hole-man — sophomore 


■ 55 

J . • 

carol Stewart - sen 

rgaret russell — - senior 

penny wagner — sophomore 




ory carot atterberry — senic 

adele ellis — freshman 

maid of honor 

jonnic wood manges 

-V-.' ./.v. <V.--'1; 



I* » 


FT 1 

I ■ 




HfitH ^m 1 

ail t.' St. 


^▼\^* J&r Kfl 

Sw iK 


HW^Sg^^Hp^ » JK/'; j^ ' f 

r < Bfcwv* 

the 1969 indians proved to 
be formidable opponents, phys- 
ically overpowering their foes 
— a marked improvement, out- 
standing performances by in- 
dividual team members were 
great assets to the overall team 
effort, greg singleton estab- 
lished himself as one of the 
most powerful fullbacks in 
carol inas conference history, 
the indian backfield was top 
notch with receiver ike hill and 
halfback roger Johnson, harry 
monokian and ray hardison di- 
rected the attack from the 
quarterback position, the many 
clutch receptions made by tight 
end bill bartlett, coupled with 
his outstanding running, added 
excitement to the squad, torn 
emerick and bill oliver were 
stalwarts on defense, while dan 
weber provided support from 
his offensive tackle position, 
terry sammons and david tay- 
lor added punch on offense and 
defense, the defensive back- 
field was anchored by mike rey- 
nolds and payton warren, praise 
should be given to those in- 
dians who made all-star teams, 
david taylor, ike hill, torn 
emerick, greg singleton, and 
gary kochman — of the caro- 
linas conference team, david 
taylor, ike hill, and bob turby- 
fill — of the all district team. 






carson newman 











emory and henry 

western Carolina 




appalachian state 
















lenoir rhyne 





<- *i. 



catawba basketball coach 
sam moir took a young inexper- 
ienced team and molded it into 
a carolinas conference winner 
during the 1969-70 basketball 
season, mike garrison was the 
only experienced starter play- 
ing throughout the season, and 
the indians resorted to a line- 
up that contained three fresh- 
man on occasion, bill bailey, 
charles lynn, and floyd perry 
were three of the conference's 
most promising first year play- 
ers, bailey was picked to the 
all carolinas conference team 
and lynn was an honorable 
mention, bill Stevens, ronnie 
shelton, and royce mcdougal 
occupied key starting roles for 
the tribe this year. Stevens oft- 
en drew the toughest defensive 
assignment, while shelton and 
mcdougall were considered 
scoring threats. 


on 10 

lost 1 7 








western car 


lenoir rhyne 
















atlantic christian 




lenoir rhyne 







high point 

winston-salem state 



































high point 












lenoir rhyne 
















atlantic chr 


high point 




lenoir rhyne 





an excellent baseball season 
seems to be in store for coach 
ray oxendine's catawba In- 
dians, the indians are strong 
in both overall teamwork and 
individual performance. al- 
though star pitcher howard 
bailey became sidelined early 
in the season with a broken co 
larbone, a powerful pitching 
staff remains, hurlers ray 
hardison, torn grockenberger, 
bruce crouse, dewey oakes, and 
Steve grimshaw promise to be 
valuable assets, strong defen- 
sive players are mike reynolds, 
gary earnhardt, lane biggers, 
dean oberholtzer, joe man- 
nella, mike strejc, and keith 
setzer. reliable assets at bat 
are mike dickens, rick hamp- 
ton, ray hardison, mike strejc, 
and transfer student dean ober- 

• - 

" iSfcfcu 

with seven of nine starters 
back from a strong 1969 
squad, catawba made a power- 
ful showing in the carolinas 
conference baseball race, the 
indians had an all-veteran in- 
field with mike dickens, gary 
earnhardt, lane biggers and 
rick hampton returning, mike 
reynolds was one of the lea- 
gue's top catchers, and ray 
hardison, bruce crouse, mike 
strejc, roachel laney, dean 
oberholtzer and keith setzer 
filled the three outfield posts, 
hardison was a top pitching 
prospect for the tribe along 
with howard bailey, torn 
grockenberger, mike williams 
and dewey oakes. 

I * 



the catawba track team is 
hoping to maintain its consist- 
ing winning record, a key fac- 
tor in this quest is abundant 
strength in the field events, 
anchoring the field events are 
sophomores scott rebholtz, 
dave taylor, and junior bill 
griffin in the shot-put and dis- 
cus, sophomore al smith in the 
javelin, and junior torn roth in 
pole vault, hopefuls in the 
dashes are mike garrison and 
ike hill, bob turbyfill and bob 
fauver are the mainstays in 
distance events. 

with four returning letter- 
man, the catawba golf team 
made a strong showing in the 
carolinas conference tourna^ 
ment which was held at the 
Salisbury country club this 
year, captain bud farrar, jim 
wagner, John aylsworth, mike 
zidonik, george rodgers and 
moe york were the six starters 
for coach harvey stratton's 


front row (left 
trimble, nancy 
hastings, sa 

to right): cindy gall, debbie book, sara taylor, sue evans, Jackie book: second row: Jesse briggs, susie poorbaugh, kathy 
gregory; third row: pam lokey, connie wilbourne, bonnie kaminski, pat domer, beth anderman; not pictured: jon armf 
snow, dean farlow mgr. 

enos, sue 
ield, abby 

three members of the 1969 catawba 
college hockey team were selected to the 
deep south all-star team following partici- 
pation in the first deep south hockey tour- 
nament held at furman university, left to 
right are Jackie book, left wing; Jesse 
briggs, left halfback; kathy enos, right 
halfback, catawba's team joyously drags 
coach mrs. pat whitley to the shower after 
winning the southern conference champi- 
onship with a perfect conference record of 
eight wins and no losses. 


with the aid of a group of talented 
freshmen, catawba's varsity basketball 
team was guided to a successful season by 
coach mrs. pat whitley. for the first time 
catawba participated in the basketball 
sportsday, a sanctioned event at winthrop 
college in south Carolina, catawba also 
engaged with duke university, appalachian 
state university, kings college, high point 
college, and lenoir rhyne college, team 
work and added height made the indians 
a very powerful and offensively explosive 
team, aiding them in their drive for a vic- 
torious campaign. 


highlighting catawba's 1969-70 volley- 
ball schedule was their participation in 
the ninth annual appalachian state uni- 
versity volleyball sports day. under the di- 
rection of mrs. pat whitley, catawba also 
met adversaries such as kings college, le- 
noir rhyne college, and duke university for 
hard nosed competition to complete their 


catawba college, for the first time en- 
tering the ranks of intercollegiate compe- 
tition in the sport of Softball, took the field 
in the spring of 1970 against duke univer- 
sity, high point college, lenoir rhyne col- 
lege, and montreat anderson college, men- 
tor mrs. pat whitley and her dedicated 
group of "glove women" share the hopes 
for the launching of a successful season in 
the debut of varsity softball at catawba. 






Pp ' 


entering various tournament competi- 
tion including the woman's invitational 
tennis day at the university of north Caro- 
lina at chapel hill and the Carolina tennis 
day at converse college in south Carolina, 
the catawba tennis team made their pres- 
ence known quite readily. The team was 
challenged by adversaries from high point 
college, montreat anderson college, win- 
throp college, appalachian state univer- 
sity, university of north Carolina at greens- 
boro, wake forest university, queens col- 
lege, and kings college, mrs. pat whitley 
directed the talented indians' drive for an 
impressive record. 


the intramural sports program at cataw- 
ba college is designed to allow the stu- 
dents competitive recreation, both male 
and female students may choose from a 
variety of enjoyable sports, athletic skill, 
team spirit, and individual prowess are dis- 
played through this worthwhile program. 



I r- 








henry ashton adams: a.b. business administration; advertising club 
1,3,4; accounting club 2; placement office assistant 4; intramurals 

larance spencer adams: a.b. physical education; monogram club 2; 
fellowship of christian athletes 2; football 2; majors club 3,4; intra- 
murals 1,2,3,4. 

douglas arthur allbright: a.b. biology; sea 1,2,3,4; Seymour science 

club 2,3,4; fine films club 2; dorm counselor 3,4; intramurals 


harold aubrey allan: a.b. political science; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

robert elwood allten: a.b. biology; seymour science club; dorm 
counselor 2,3; intramurals. 

rebecca baker alston: a.b. mathematics; university of south Caro- 
lina 1; junior marshall 3; kappa tau kappa 3,4. 

mildred doris arney: a.b. english. 

robert david arthur: a.b. psychology; band 1,2,3,4; sea 1,2,4; 

adelphians 1,2. 

mary carol atterberry: a.b. english; sigma pi alpha 1,2; kappa tau 
kappa 4; student recognitions committee 4; sayakini staff 1,2,3,4, 
editor-in-chief 3; who's who in american colleges and universities 4; 
women's student government association vice president 4. 

henry ashton adams 
larance spencer ada 

arthur douglas albright 


harold aubrey allan 
robert elwood allten 

rebecca baker alston 

nildred doris arney 
obert david arthur 
nary carol atterberry 

elizabeth ann oungst: a.b. elementary education; woodson house 
council 3,4; president of woodson 4; homecoming queen 4; woman's 
government executive committee 4; band 1,2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 
3,4; who's who in american colleges and universities 4. 
raymond Cornelius bailey: a.b. history; dean's list 3; orientation 
committee 4: junior marshal; junior class vice president; legislative 
board 4; student recognition committee 4; sigma pi alpha 3; pioneer 
3,4; international relations club 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; who's 
who in american colleges and universities 4. 

charles rankrn baker: a.b. business administration. 
carolyn marie baldwin: a.b. elementary education; kappa tau 
kappa 2,3,4; second vice president of kappa tau kappa 4; ars de 
musica 1,2,3,4; secretary 2; s.c.a. 3. 

john daniel balls: a.b. business administration; advertising club 
3,4; accounting club 2; junior marshall; intramurals 2,3,4; aca- 
demic development committee; football 2; who's who in american 
colleges and universities 4. 

william rondolph barnes: a.b. political science; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 
victor michael barringer: a.b. chemistry and mathematics; crc 
chemistry award 1; kiwanis scholarship award 1; the john elliott 
chemistry scholarship prize 3; marshall for president's inauguration 
3; co-chief junior marshall at graduation 3; academic development 
committee 4; seymour science clut) — vice president 4. 

william neal barrlert: a.b. physical education; football 1,2,3,4; 
majors club 2,3,4. 

Stephen robert beall: a.b. business administration; intramurals 1,2, 
3,4; advertising club 3; accounting club 2. 

elizabeth ann aungst 
raymond Cornelius bailey 

charles rankin baker 

carolyn marie baldwin 
john daniel balls 
william rondolph barnes 


'ictor michael barringer 
villiom neal bartlctr 

Stephen robert beall 

nancy elizabeth bebb: a.b. french; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; chapel choir 
1 ,2,3,4; modern ensemble 1 ,2,3,4; sigma pi alpha 1 ,2,3,4; "the 
boyfriend" 4; "dilo and aeneas" 4; junior marshall 3. 

beverly edith beck: a.b. english; kappa tau kappa 2,3,4. 

lucille jarrett beck: a.b.. elementary education. 

charles william bell: a.b. business administration; advertising club 

3,4; accounting club 3; intramurais 1,2,3,4. 

bonnie rachel benson: a.b. elementary education; kappa tau 

kappa; homecoming court; may court. 

roy I. berrier jr.: a.b. business administration; advertising club 
1 ,3,4; accounting club 2,4. 

daren lane biggers jr.: a.b. physical education; baseball 1,2,3,4; 
intramurais 1,2,3,4; majors club 2,3,4. 

charles nicholas bishop: a.b. drama and speech; blue masque 1,2, 
3,4; historian 2; vice president 3; president 4; intramurais 1; the 
indian 1; sayakini 4. 

donald franklin black: a.b. biology; intramurais 1; seymour science 
club 3,4; dean's list 3; marshall candidate 3. 

nancy elizabeth bebb 
beverly edith beck 
lucille jarrett beck 

charles william bell 
bonnie rachel benson 

roy berrier, 




daren lane biggers 
charles nicholas bishop 
donald franklin black 


jane elizabeth blonton: a.b. elementary education; s.c.a 3; kappa 
tau kappa 2,3,4; sigma pi alpha 1,2,3,4; sayakini 3,4; intramurats 

Christine ladonna bohr: a.b. english; s.c.a 1,2,3; religious life co- 
chairman 1; co-vice president 3; choir 2,3,4; phi epsilon 3,4; adel- 
phians 1,2; secretary 2; orientation committee 4; kappa tau kappa 

lawrence ray bolick: a.b. religion and philosophy; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; 
co-business manager 2; treasurer 3; co-vice president 4; adelphians 
1,2,3,4; concert choir 1,2,3,4; modern ensemble 2,3,4; deans list 1. 

linda lee brown: a.b. political science; astronomy club secretary 3; 
astronomy club president 4; band 1,2,3,4; ars de musica 1. 
mary ongelo bullard: a.b. sociology; concert choir 2,3,4; band 1; 
sayakini 1,2,3,4; co-assistant editor 2; s.c.a. 1,3,4; blue masque 1; 
sigma psi 2,4; w.a.a. 1; fine films club 1, 

scott vernon burkhart: a.b. biology; intramurats 1,2,3,4; s.c.a. 1; 
kappa tau kappa 1 . 

marian leigh eagle: a.b. physical education; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; spring 
manager 4; majors club 2,3,4; varsity hockey; varsity softball; in- 
tramurats; sayakini 3. 

sally safrit Cameron: a.b. english; blue masque 1; kappa tau 
kappa 4. 

amy adams Campbell: a.b. elementary education and english; con- 
cert choir 2,3; vice president 3; phi epsilon 3,4; dean's list 1,2,3; 
junior marshal! 3; s.c.a. 1; sigma pi alpha 2,3; academic honors 
scholarship 1 ,2,3. 

jane elizabeth blanton 
Christine ladonna bohr 

awrence ray bolick 

nda lee brown 
ary angela bullard 

vernon scott burkhart 

marian leigh eagle 
sally safrit cameron 
amy adams Campbell 

Joseph clyde Canada: a.b. mathematics; intramurals 1,2,3,4; 
freshman orientation committee. 

richard thomas caviness: a.b. political science; intrc—urals 1,2,3,4; 

international relations club 4. 

william rudolf chatlos: a.b. sociology; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; co-chairman 

2; vice president 3; treasurer 4; adelphians 1,2,3,4; officer 2; 

board of review; intramurals 1,2,3,4, dean's list 1, who's who in 

american colleges and universities 4. 

claire joy Christiansen: a.b. elementary education; woodson house 

council 3; social chairman of woodson 3; kappa tau kappa 1,4; 

home economics club 1,2; girls intramurals 1,2. 

jane margaret christie: a.b. sociology; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; spring sports 

manager; house council 1,3,4; freshman representative 1; vice 

president zartman hall 3; president zartman hall 4; junior class 

treasurer 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4; judicial board 4; sigma psi 3; phi 

epsilon 4; tennis team 1,2; residence council; who's who in american 

colleges and universities 4. 

ronald weiss christman- a.b. elementary education; co-chairman of 
community service committee; president of senior class; parliamen- 
tarian of student north Carolina education association; intramurals; 
who's who in american colleges and universities 4. 

kenneth woyne clapp: a.b. sociology; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; treasurer 2; 
co-president 3; adelphians 1,2,3,4; apostolic press 1,2,3; associate 
editor 2,3; student government president 4; chairman judicial board 
4; advisory committee to the president 4; state student legislature 
4; initiation committee 2; dean's list 3; junior marshall 3; academic 
development committee; dorm counselor 2,3,4; senior rotarian; 
board of review 3; delegate to national susga conference 3; state 
susga 4; who's who in american colleges and universities 3,4. 

willene faye dark: a.b. english; secretary of biology department 

3; wingate college 1 ,2. 

rodney hepler clinard: a.b. political science. 

Joseph clyde Canada 
richard thomas cavil 

william rudolf chatlos 


claire joy Christiansen 
jane margaret christie 
ronald weiss christman 

kenneth wayne clapp 
willene faye dark 
rodney hepler clinard 

Joseph eric coble: a.b. business administration; advertising club 
1,2,4; accounting club 3; freshman class treasurer 1; placement 
office assistant 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 
omelio collins: a.b. sociology; s.c.a.; sigma psi. 

terry wilson copley: a.b. business administration; accounting club 
3; advertising club 4; football 2,3; baseball 1,2,3,4; intramurals 

robert michael corbert: a.b. sociology; varsity football 1,2,3; band 
1,2,3,4; band president 4; ars de musica 4; symphony 3,4. 

roberty ray costner: a.b. history; track. 

sara frances covington: a.b. sociology; sigma psi 2,3,4; s.c.a. 1,2; 
phi epsilon 3,4; kappa tau kappa 1,2,3; international relations 
club 2,3; intramurals 2,3; dean's list 1,3. 

bruce charles crouse: a.b. business administration; baseball 3,4; 

advertising club; accounting club; intramurals. 

raymond lee daugherty: a.b. physical education; wingate college 

1,2; majors club 4. 

mary edyth davis: a.b. elementary education. 

W 9 * <*} 


Joseph eric coble 

terry wilson copley 

F^ 5, 



robert michael corbett 
robert ray costner 
sara frances covington 


bruce charles crouse 
raymond lee daugherty 

ary edyth davis 

robert clifton davis: a.b. political 
class president 3; judicial board 4; 
delegate to model united nations 

sharon louise davis: a.b. biology; 
3,4; seymour science club 1,2,3,4, 
susan paige dedmond: a.b. elemer 

marcia kay dempster: a.b. etemen 
2,3,4; secretary of junior class 3; 
activities committee 2,3; sigma ps 
2,3; sea. 

kay louann deyton: a.b. physical 
murals 1,2,3,4; majors club 2,3,4; 

science; astrology club 1; junior 
international relations club 2,3; 

w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2, 
secretary 4. 
itary education; kappa tau kappa 

tary education; kappa tau kappa 
election committee 3,4; student 
i 2; pioneer, exchange manager 

education; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; intra- 
varsity Softball 2,4. 

john phillip donati: a.b. physical education; baseball 1,2,3; majors 
club 2,3,4. 

robert edward dunham: a.b. political science; intramurals 1,2,3,4; 
dorm athletic representative 3; "billy budd" 1. 

george smith dunlop: a.b. history; international relations club 
1,2,3,4, vice president 2; vice president senior class 4; editorialist 
for pioneer 1,2,3,4; chairman of student recognition committee 4; 
residence council 3; who's who in american colleges and universi- 
ties 4. 

david allan eastburn: a.b. mathematics; astronomy club 1,2,3,4, 
treasurer 3, vice president 4; concert choir 1,2,3,4; band 1,2,3,4. 

robert clifton davis 
sharon louise davis 
susan paige dedmon 

marcia kay dempste 
kay louann deyton 
john phillip donati 

robert edward dunhar 
george smith dunlop 
david alien eastburn 

robert williom edris: a.b. psychology; s.g.a. 1,2,3,4; sigma psi 4; 
intramurals 1. 

lynnette [owe cller: a.b. elementary education," mitchell college 

frhomos white emerick: a.b. physical education; majors club; foot- 

russell coleman emerson: ab. speech and drama; blue masque 
1,2,3,4, social chairman 2, executive board 1 ,2; sophomore class 
president; delegate to state student legislature 2,3; debate team 
4; master of ceremonies at catawba folk festival and the place. 

kathryn margaret enos: a.b. physical education; varsity hockey 
1,2,3,4, co-captain 4, all-star team 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; w.a.a. 
1,2,3,4, spring manager 3, fall manager 4; s.c.a. 2,4; majors club 

william leonard estes: a.b. mathematics; gardner-webb junior col- 
lege 1 ,2; intramurals 3,4. 

katherine joann everhart: a.b. commerce; kappa tau kappa 1,2; 
sigma pi alpha 1,2,3,4; north hall house council 4. 

larry h. fain: a.b. physical education; davidson county community 
college; freshman advisory council 1,2; most courteous 2; majors 
club 3,4. 

lynda ellen fairbanks: a.b. french; concert choir 1,2,3,4; chapel 
choir 1,2; modern ensemble 1,2; blue masque 1,4; s.c.a, 1,2,3; 
sigma pi alpha 1,2,3,4; sayakini 3. 



C k 


robert william edri 
lynnette lowe eller 

thomas white emerick 

russell coleman emerson. 
kathryn margaret enos 

katherine joann everhart 
larry hicks fain 
lynda ellen fairbanks 

gayla dean farlow: a.b. physical education; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; dorm 
representative 1, fall manager 2, vice president 3, president 4; 
house council 2,3,4, social chairman 2,3, fire chief 4; intramurals 
1,2,3,4; majors club 2,3,4; varsity hockey 1,2, manager 3,4; var- 
sity basketball, volleyball, softball 1,2,3,4; sayakini 2,3,4; pioneer 
1,2,3,4; blue masque 1, student recognitions committee 4; student 
activities committee 2,3; who's who in american colleges and uni- 
versities 4. 

robert gordon farrar: a.b. business administration; advertising club 
1,2,3,4; class representative 1,2,3, president 4; accounting club 3; 
varsity golf 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,; tutoring with vista; becket. 

frances charlotte faust: a.b. elementary education; kappa tau 
kappa 3,4; day student representative to women's government as- 
sociation 4. 

robert lane fauver: a.b. economics; track 1,2,3,4; accounting club 
2,3,4; student recognition committee 4; freshmen orientation com- 
mittee 4; s.c.a. 3,4. 

rtchard thomas feimster: a.b. physical education; majors club 

2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

victoria janel ferguson: a.b. elementary education; s.c.a. 1; sigma 
psi 1,2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 3,4. 

gary michoel fink: a.b. accounting; accounting club 1,2,3,4; treas- 
urer 4. 

kirby ray foley: a.b. physical education. 

roger theodore follas: a.b. sociology; sigma psi 3,4; treasurer 4; 

intramurals 3,4. 

gayla dean farlow 
robert gordon farrar 
fiances charlotte faust 

robert lane fauver 
richard thomas feimster 
victoria janel ferguson 

gary michael fink 
kirby ray foley 

roger theodore folia 


Is 1,2,3,4; sayakii 

John verl forney: a.b. business administration 
3,4; accounting club 3; advertising club 3,4. 

glenn edwin freirich: a.b. geology; intl 
3,4; s.c.a. 3; seymour science club 3,4. 

thomas keith frye: a.b. drama; blue masque 1,2,3,4. 

fred albert funk: a.b. business administration; astronomy club 1, 
advertising club 3,4; accounting clubl,3. 

gerald dwayne fuss: a.b. religion and philosophy; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; 
adelphians 1,2,3,4; sigma pi alpha 2; s.c.a. religious affairs com- 
mittee 4. 

michael shoffner garrison: a.b. business administration; advertis- 
ing club 3,4; basketball 1,2,3,4, captain 3,4; track 1,2,3,4; ac- 
counting club 3. 

russell elliort geiger: a.b. business administration; astronomy club 
1,2,3,4, treasurer 3; advertising club 3,4; accounting club 2; s.c.a. 
1; choir 3; glee club 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

james russell gero: a.b. biology; intramurals 1,2,3,4; s.c.a 1; fine 

film club 2; "follow the elephants" 2. 

jane rarledge gill: a.b. elementary education; queen's college 1,2. 

John verl forney 
glenn edwi'n freirich 

thomas keith frye 

fred albert funk 
gerald dwayne fuss 

lichael shoffner go 

russell elliott geiger 
james russell gero 
jane ratledge gill 

tony dole glascoe: a.b. business administration; accounting club 
2; intramurals 2. 

John thomas glover: a.b. chemistry; seymour science club 2,3,4; 
blue masque 1,2; fine film club 1,2; intramurals 2,3; student rep- 
resentative to the Salisbury jaycees. 

adrienne louise gosztonyi: a.b. elementary education; kappa tau 
kappa 1,2,3,4; h.c.a. 3; dean's list 3. 

patricia onn graham: a.b. physical education; majors club 2,3,4; 
w.a.a.. 1,2,3,4, fall manager 3; kappa tau kappa 3,4. 

floyd william griffin: a.b. physical education; football 1,2,3,4; 
basketball 3,4; track 1,2,3,4; majors club 2,3,4. 

jomes alien haas: a.b. mathematics; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4, co-chairman 2, 
business manager 3, assistant 4; adelphians 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

janet louise hagerman: a.b. elementary education; band 1,2,3,4; 
adelphians 1,2; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4, co-secretary 2, co-chairman 3, co- 
president 4; kappa tau kappa 3,4; soyokini 3,4; dean's list 3, who's 
who in american colleges and universities. 

John david halliwell: a.b. business administration; accounting club 
3; advertising club 3,4; golf team 1,2; intramurals 1,2,4. 

michcle ann harbeson: a.b. english; kappa tau kappa 1,4; sigma 
pi alpha 2,3,4. 

tony dale glascoe 
john thomas glover 
adrienne louise gosztonyi 


patricia onn grahai 
floyd william griffii 
james alien haas 


janet louise hagerman 
John david halliwell 
michele ann harbeson 



jamcs roy hardison, jr.: a.b. business administration; football 1,2, 
3,4; baseball 1,2,3,4; accounting club 3; advertising club 4. 

thomos william harper: a.b. business administration; s.c.a. 3; ad- 
vertising club 4. 

mary louise Harrington: a.b. mathematics; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; w.a.a. 
1,2,3,4; dean's list 3; junior class marshall; intramurals 2,3,4. 

barbara ann Harrison: a.b. business administration; home eco- 
nomics 1,2,3; blue masque 2,3,4; s.c.a. 1,4; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; say- 
akinj 4; women's intramurals 1; accounting club 3; advertising club 
2,3, secretary 4. 

robert franklin hartsell: a.b. drama and speech; blue masque 
1,2,4; executive board 3; intramurals 1,2; sayakini 1,2; debate 
team 4; master of ceremonies for may day 1969 3. 
gary carroll hauze: a.b. religion and philosophy; chapel choir 1; 
concert choir 1,2,3; ensemble 1; adelphians 1,2; vice-president 3; 
co-chairman 4; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; junior marshal 3. 

linda young hauze: a.b. english; chapel choir 1 ; concert choir 
1,2,3; s.c.a. 1,2,3; adelphians 2,3,4; phi epsilon 4; junior marshal; 
inauguration marshal 3. 

edward burr higgins: a.b. accounting; advertising club 1; account- 
ing club 2,3,4; dean's list 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

talmadge leander hill: a.b. physical education. 

james ray hardison 
thomas william harper 
mary louise Harrington 



barbara ann Harrison 
robert franklin hartsell 

gary carroll hauze 


linda young hauze 
edward burr higgins 

talmadge leander hill 

michoel travis hillord: a.b. business administration; Virginia tech 
1; advertising club 2,3,4; intramurals 2,3,4; accounting club 2; 
football 2,3; fine films club 4; administrative assistant placement 
office 4. 

wayne dennis Holland: a.b. sociology; s.c.a. 3; intramurals 3,4; 
sigma psi 3,4; kappa tau kappa 3. 

susan jean hollifield: a.b. psychology; blue masque 1,2; s.c.a. 1; 
w.a.a. 2,3,4; intramurals 1;2,3,4; zartman house council recep- 
tionist 4. 

nancy louise honeycutt: a.b. elementary education; mitchell col- 
lege 1,2; sigma phi alpha 2; s.c.a. 1,2,3; french club 2; honor 
council 2; kappa tau kappa 3,4. 

katharine douglas hood: a.b. elementary education; kappa tau 

kappa 1,2,3,4; s.c.a. 1,2,4; sigma psi 3,4; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4. 
ernesf laverne houck: a.b. religion and philosophy; adelphians 
1,3,4; s.c.a. 1,3,4; track 1. 

susan beryl houck: a.b. elementary education; millersville state 
college 1,2; s.c.a. 3,4; kappa tau kappa 4; adelphians 3,4. 
sallye anne howord: a.b. religion and philosophy; s.c.a. 1,2,4; 
kappa tau kappa 1; choir 1,2,3,4; woodson house council 3,4; phi 
epsilon 3,4; ensemble 1; who's who in american colleges and uni- 
versities 4. 

marrha sue hudgins: a.b. history; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; international re- 
lations 2,3,4; sigma pi alpha 1,2,3; sigma psi 1,2; kappa tau 
kappa 4. 

ikhael travrs hillard 
ade dennis holland 

susan jean hollifield 


nancy louise honeycutt 
katharine douglass hood 
ernest laverne houck 


susan beryl houck 
salfye anne howard 
marfha sue hudgins 

nancy (Catherine hudson: a.b. biology; mitchell college 1,2; s.c.a. 
1,2,3; french club 1,2; sigma pi alpha 2; seymour science club 3,4. 
henry fitzgerald hunter: a.b. psychology; wingate college 1,2; phi 
theta kappa 1,2; sigma psi 3; dean's list 3. 

michael gwyn hutchens: a.b. business administration; intramurals 
1,2,3,4; advertising club 2,3,4. 

norma belle hyman: a.b. history; kappa tau kappa 2,3; intra- 
murals 3; s.c.a. 1; orientation 2. 

judy carolyn icenhour: a.b. business administration; sayakini 3,4; 
intramurals 1,2,3,4; advertising club 2,3,4; accounting club 2. 

donald clyde iseley: a.b. business administration. 

donita kay jolly: a.b. history; sigma pi alpha 2; s.c.a. 2,3; pioneer 
2; blue masque 2; phi epsilon 4, secretary-treasurer; election com- 
mittee 3, co-chairman 4; junior marshall; inauguration marshal! 3; 
academic development committee 4; freshman orientation 3,4; 
who's who in american colleges and universities 4. 
james philip Johnson: a.b. business administration; choir 1,2,3; 
intramurals 1,2,3,4; advertising club 3,4; accounting club 3. 

roger wesley Johnson: a.b. physical education; football 1,2,3,4; 
track 2,3,4; majors club 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; kappa tau 
kappa 4. 


kathy hudson 

henry fitzgerald hunter 

nichael gwyn hutchens 

norma belle hyman 
judy carolyn icenhou 

donald clyde iseley 

donita kay jolly 
james philip john 

ger wesley Johnson 

susan kay Johnson: a.b. elementary education; s.c.a. 1 ,2,3,4; 
kappa tau kappa 1,2, vice-president 3, president 4; phi epsilon 4. 
james michael Julian: a.b- business administration; advertising 
club 3,4; accounting club 2; fine films club 3. 

larry eiliott keenberg: a.b. chemistry; band 1,2,3; track 1,2; bi- 
ology lab assistant 1,2,3,4; chemistry lab assistant 4; Seymour 
science club 1,2,3,4; astronomy 1. 

gordon ashby kirkland: a.b. business administration; unc-chapel 
hill 1,2; advertising club 3,4; accounting club 3,4; basketball 
manager 3,4; intramurals 1 ,2,3,4. 

barbara jane koffcl: a.b. history; varsity hockey 1,2,3; intramurals 
1,2,3,4; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; dean's list 1. 

lynn konchnik: a.b. elementary education; woodson house council 
1; freshman initiation committee 2; kappa tau kappa 1,4; s.c.a. 2, 
secretary 3, co-vice-president 4; dean's list 3; sayakini 4. 

rebecca lyndon lackey: a.b. psychology; sigma psi 1,4; s.c.a. 
2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 2; baptist student union 1,2,3,4. 

richard frederic landis: a.b. accounting; s.c.a. 1; accounting club 
2,3, vice-president 4; dean's list 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4; s-r dorm 
council 2. 

joel miles landreth: a.b. accounting; accounting club 1 ,2, vice- 
president 3, president 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

susan kay Johnson 
james michael Julian 
larry eiliott keenberg 

gordon ashby kirkland 
barbara jane koffel 
lynn konchnik 

rebecca lyndon lackey 
richard frederic landis 
joel miles landreth 


dean justice leech; a.b. sociology; sigma pi alpha 3,4; dormitory 
counselor 3,4; men's residence council 3,4; intramurals 1 ,2,3,4; 
sigma psi. 4. 

jane onn lees: a.b. sociology. 

wanda lee lemmon: a.b. physical education; varsity hockey 1; 
w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; majors club 
2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 1,2. 

marjory ellen levari: a.b. speech and drama; blue masque 1,2,3,4; 
chapel choir 1; concert choir 1; sigma pi alpha 1,2. 

mary ellen lilly: a.b. business administration; accounting club 3; 
advertising club 3,4; woodson hall house council 3. 

susan glover lippard: mitchell college 1,2; kappa tau kappa 3,4. 

linda gail loihle: a.b. physical education. 

carol elaine long: a.b. business administration. 

dean raymond manges: a.b, physical education; football 1,2,3,4; 
majors club 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

:an justice leech 
ne ann Ices 
anda lee lemmon 

arjory ellen levan 
ary ellen lilly 
san glover lippard 

linda gail loihle 
carol elaine long 

dean raymond manges 

onn marshal): a.b. speech and drama 
representative 1 , publicity chairman 2; 
ian hall social chairman 4. 

blue masque fresh- 
intramurals 1,2,3,4; 


jack michael marshburn: a.b. business 
club 1,4; accounting club 3,4; intram 

alan Joseph martens: a.b. business adn 

dm in ist rat ion; advertising 
sis 1,2,3,4. 


john harrier maydak: a.b. biology; intramurals 1,2,3,4; dorm 
counselor 4; astronomy club 1,2, vice president 3,4; seymour sci- 
ence club; concert choir 1,2,3,4; s.c.a. 1,2,3. 

edirh elizabeth mctanless: a.b. sociology; lenoir rhyne 1,2; junior 
marshall 3; dean's list 3; sociology department assistant 4. 


eader mcgaha: a.b. business administration; vice president 
i; chairman of legislative board 4; s.u.s.g.a. coordinator 4; 

c. susga executive council 4; advertising club 3,4; accounting 

lub 3; s.c.a. 4; international relations club 2, 

a.b. Spanish; schreii 

institute 1,2; 

martin hammons mchenr 

university of Valencia 3. 

michael owen mercer: a.b. business administration; intramurals 
1,2; advertising club 2,3,4; treasurer 3; senior class representative 
4; s.c.a. 1; fine films club 1; dean's list 3; administrative assis- 
tant 4. 

richard alan meyer a.b. business administration; s.c.a. 1; fine 
films club 2; accounting club 3,4; advertising club 4; administrative 
assistant 4; dean's list 3. 

karla ann marshall 
jack michael marshburn 
alan Joseph martens 


John harrier maydak 
edith elizabeth mccanless 

dennis eader mcgaha 

lartin hammoni mchenry 
ichael owen mercer 
chord alan meyer 

Chester adorns michael: a.b. business administration; accounting 
club 3,4; clean's list 3; advertising club 4; administrative assistant 4. 
karin sonia monokian: a.b. elementary education; cheerleading 
1,2,3; secretary freshman class; entertainment committee 3,4; co- 
chairman 4; intramurals 1 ,2,3; w.a.a. 1 ,2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 
3,4; may day court 3; homecoming court 3, elections committee 1,2. 

richard potterson mooney: a.b. business administration; wingate 
junior college 1,2; advertising club 3,4. 

sally ann morgan: a.b. sociology; dean's list 3; kiwanis scholar- 
ship 2. 

intramurals 1,2,3,4; seymour 

sarah ellen moss: a.b. drama. 

linda jean mosteller: a.b. biology; 
science club secretary 3. 

elizabeth ann murray: a.b. sociology; sigma psi 4; s.c.a. 1,4. 
kathleen nancy nelson: a.b. sociology; house council receptionist; 
s.c.a. business manager; religious affairs committee of the senate; 
sigma psi vice president; advisory board to the president, miss 
catawba women's representative to senate, women's student govern- 
ment association president; who's who in american colleges and 

Hester adams michael 

richard patterson mooney 

lly ann morgan 
rah ellen moss 
nda jean mosteller 

elizabeth ann murray 
■I paul muthard 

susanne nelson: a.b. elementary education. 

nancy jo newsom: a.b. elementary education; intramurals 1 ,2, 

3,4; kappa tau kappa 3,4; s.c.a. 1; tennis team 1. 

darrel kermit oakes: a.b. history; intramurals 1,2,3,4; baseball 

1,2,3,4; majors club 2. 

Joseph roy Oliver: a.b. geology; dean's list 1,3; junior marshall 3; 
intramurals 1,2,3,4; chapel choir 1; concert choir 1,2,3,4; museum 
committee 4; ensemble 1; track 1,2. 

Joseph edword organtini: a.b. biology; intramurals 1,2,3,4; Sey- 
mour science club 1,2,3,4; sigma pi alpha 1,2. 

doniel edward owen: a.b. business administration; accounting 
club 3; advertising club 4. 

james henderson padgett: a.b. music; unc-g 1,2,3; american guild 
of organists student chapter 2,3; vice president 3; concert choir 4; 
ars de musica 4; assistant college organist 4. 

stuart gene parks: a.b. mathematics; sigma pi alpha 2,3,4; dean's 
list 1,2,3; junior class marshall; intramurals 3,4; academic develop- 
ment committee 4; men's residence council 1,2,3,4. 
robert bruce perrell: a.b. chemistry; seymour science club 3,4. 

susanne nelson 
nancy jo newsom 
darrel kermit oakes 

Joseph roy oliver 
Joseph edward organtini 
daniel edward owen 

james henderson padgett 
stuart gene parks 
robert bruce perrell 

(inda helen pharis: a.b. history; kappa tau kappa 1 ,4; s.c.a. 1 ; 
choir 2; north hall house council secretary 2; sigma pi alpha 2. 
john dwaine phifer: a.b. biology; seymour science club 3, treas- 
urer 4; kappa tau kappa 3,4; s.c.a. 3,4. 

jerry wayne pickett: a.b. biology; sigma pi alpha 1,2; sigma psi 4; 
fine films club 2; athletic representative 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

gregory vance poff: a.b. chemistry; concert choir 1, vice president 
2,3, president 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; astronomy club 3; seymour 

science club 4; ensemble 2. 

clifton Washington pope: a.b. geology; football 1,2,3; track 1; 
astronomy club 2,3,4; seymour science club 2,3, president 4; men's 
representative to s.g.a. 4; jack kelly scholarship award 3; collegiate 
rotarian for October 4; dean's list 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4; co- 
chairman museum committee 3; cultural affairs committee 3; who's 
who in american colleges and universities 4. 

gorrell warren proctor: a.b. english; kappa tau kappa 2,3,4; 
sigma pi alpha 1,2,3,4; s.c.a. 1. 

kenneth edwin putnam: a.b. business administration; intramurals 
1,2,3,4; accounting club 3; advertising club 3,4; dorm selection 
committee chairman 3; dorm president 4; men's residence council 4. 

gregory donald reinhardt: a.b. psychology s.c.a. 1,2; sigma psi 
3,4; acolyte 3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

michael everett reynolds: a.b. physical education; football 1,2,3, 
captain 4; baseball 1,2,3,4; majors club 2,3,4. 


linda helen pharis 
John dwaine phifer 

jerry wayne pickett 

gregory vance poff 
clifton Washington pope 


kenneth edwin putnam 
gregory donald reinhardt 

chaei everett reynolds 

linda ann rowe: a.b. sociology, s.c.a. 3,4; homecoming decoration 
committee 1,2,3,4; sigma psi 3. 

margaret ellen russell: a.b. elementary education; kappa tau kappa 
2,3,4; newsletter co-editor 3; editor 4; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; sigma pi 
alpha 1; phi epsilon 3,4; vice president 4; woodson hall secretary 2, 
first vice president 3; who's who in american colleges and univer- 
sities 4. 

martha stir 

club 2,3,4; 

lorry woyne 


alt safrit: 

Lb. bu 

cretary 4. 
isser: a.b. bus 

list rat ion; accounting 

advertisng club 

nancy Virginia schmidt: a.b. elementary education; s.c.a. 1,2, 
business manager 3,4; blue masque 1,2; kappa tau kappa 2,3,4; 
north hall house council receptionist 3. 

linda ann rowe 
margaret ellen russell 
martha stirewalt sofrit 

lorry wayne sasser 
nancy Virginia schmidt 

oleta anne schmidt: a.b. christian education; varsity volley ball 
3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 1, newsletter co-editor 
3, first vice-president 4, s.c.a. 1,2,4; sayakini staff 3,4. 

kevin gcorgc Schneider: a.b. business administration; accounting 
club 3; advertising club 4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

carroll james schroeder: a.b. sociology; entertainment committee 
2,3,4; publicity committee 2,3; pioneer 2,3, feature editor 4; sen- 
ator 4; sigma psi 2,3, president 4; who's who in american colleges 
and universities 4; dean's list 3; delegate to model u.n. 3,4; inter- 
national relations club 2,3; s.g.a. committee on structural evaluation 
chairman 4. 


james schultz: a.b. psychology; intn 




kevin george schneide 
carroll james schroede 

james schultz 


william carl schulze: a.b. business administration; intramurals 1,2, 
3,4; accounting club 1; advertising club 1,2,3,4; s.c.a. 1,3; pioneer 
staff 2; glee club 4; placement office staff 4; dean's list 2; fine 
film club 3; campus life committee 4. 

robert wylie seoton: a.b. biology; track 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4; 
science club 3,4. 

john roux setzer: a.b. business administration. 

roger craig shafer: a.b. french; blue masque 2, historian 3,4; 

band 1,2,3; assistant technical director at theatre. 

linda sue shaver: a.b. elementary education; s.c.a. 1 ,2,3, cabi- 
net 4; kappa tau kappa 1,2,3,4. 

jayne bollard shive: a.b. elementary education; wingate college 1; 
kappa tau kappa 3,4. 

mary ruth shuler: a.b. religion. 

james michael siket: a.b. accounting; advertising club 1,2; ac- 
counting club 3,4; intramurals 3,4. 

coy wesley snyder: a.b. history; dorm counselor 3; student gov- 
ernment treasurer 2, men's representative 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4; 


/illiom carl schulze 
obert wylie seoton 

john roux setzer 

roger craig shafer 
linda sue shaver 
jayne bollard shivi 


james michael siket 
coy wesley snyler 

■eland smith snyder: a.b. business administration; intramurals 1,2, 
3,4; football 1; fine films club 1, advertising club 3, treasurer 4; 
accounting club 3; orientation committee 4; student activities com- 
mittee 4; athletic representative 3. 

susan louise sodermon: a.b. business administration; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; 
kappa tau kappa 1; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2; pioneer staff 
1, news editor 2, business manager 3,4; fine film club 1, secretary 
2,3; accounting club 3; advertising club 3,4; drama department 
business manager 2,3; homecoming and may day decorations 

Jeffrey mossey sparks: a.b. business administration; accounting 
club 3; advertising club 4; intramurals 1,2. 

el Steele: a.b. psychology; sign 

1,2,3,4; football 

randy da 

1,2; election committee 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4; band 1,2, pioneer 
staff 4; advertising club 1; speech and hearing lab assistant 4. 

martha wilson stegoll: a.b. elementary education; s.c.a. 1; kappa 
tau kappa 2,3,4; sigma psi 2; blue masque 1; may day and home- 
coming dance committees 1,2,3; elections committee 2,3; student 
activities committee 2,3. 

carol jane Stewart: a.b. elementary education; blue masque 1; kappa 
tau kappa 2,3,4; legislative board 3; w.a.a. 1,2,3,4; may day court 
3; homecoming court 4; senior class secretary 4; sayakini business 
manager 2,3,4; elections committee 3,4; freshman orientation com- 
mittee 2. 

Jacob edward stirewolt: a.b. business administration; wingate col- 
lege 1,2; advertising club 3,4; accounting club 3,4. 

robert ronald swanner: a.b. history; wingate college 1,2; inter- 
national relations club 3,4; intramurals 3,4. 

nancy parnell swicegood: a.b. math; s.c.a. 1; kappa tau kappa 
2,4; seymour science club 3,4. 

(eland smith snyde 
susan louise soderr 

Jeffrey massey sporks 

ondy darrel Steele 
i art ho wilson stegall 

carol jane stewort 

Jacob edward stirewalt 

cy parnell swicegood 


eugene swilkey: a.b. history; international relations club 1,2,3,4; 
advertising club 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; dorm counselor 2; fine 
films club 2; s.c.a. 3. 

harold williom totum: a.b. drama; intramurals 1,2; blue masque 
1,3,4, executive committee 2; advertising club 1,2; chairman col- 
lege community centre committee 4. 
carol dianne thomas: a.b. english; 
2,3, sayakini 3,4. 
judy arm thorn pson: w.a.a. 1,2; ir 
relations club 3,4; glee club 4. 

jrals 1; kappa tau kappa 
dIs 1,2,3,4; international 

paul herschel thompson: a.b. business administration; accounting 
club 3; advertising club 3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

barry lane thornburg: a.b. sociology; central piedmont community 
college 1 ,2; sigma psi 4. 

john watson rulloss: a.b. business administration; blue masque 
1,2; s.c.a. 1; student activities committee 2; choir 1,2,3,4; adver- 
tising club 3,4. 

valinda carol tyndall: a.b. sociology; sigma phi alpha 1,2; may 
day committee 1,2,3; elections committee 4; sigma psi 4. 
reta mae vollbracht: a.b. physical education; physical education 
majors club 1,2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 1; s.c.a. 1; intramurals 4. 


eugene swilkey 
harold william totum 

carol dianne thomas 



judy ann thompson 
paul herschel thompson 

barry lane thornburg 




john watson tulloss 
volinda carol tyndall 
reta mae vollbracht 

sharon elizabeth wagoner: a.b. business administration; adver- 
tising club 4. 

bruce shuey walthour: a.b. sociology; sigma psi 4; s.c.a. 4; 

intramurals 1,2,3,4; may day activities 1. 

Jill leslie webb: a.b. music; band 1,2,4, treasurer 3; ars de musica 
1,2,3, secretary 4; kappa tau kappa 4; varsity hockey 1,3; varsity 
basketball 3; varsity softball 3; astronomy club 1; s.c.a. 1 
intramurals 1,2,3,4; dean's list 3. 

john waiter webster: a.b. business administration; accountin 
2; advertising club 3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; administrative 
tant-placement office. 


g club 


judith Irene welker: a.b. math; s.c.a. 1,2,3,4; kappa tau kappa 
3,4; band 1,2,3,4; choir 1,2,3,4; choral union 1,2,3,4; modern 
ensemble 1,2,3,4; house council 1. 

wayne boleman west: a.b. business administration; accounting club 
4; fine films club 3; advertising 4. 

william thomas wheeler: a.b. business adn 
tor 4; advertising club 4; intramurals 4. 
brenda o'neil whisnant: a.b. sociology. 
thomas squires whitaker: a.b. history. 

list rat ion; s.g.a. sena- 

sharon elizabeth wagoner 
bruce shuey walthour 
jiff leslie webb 

john waiter webster 
judith irene welker 

ayne boleman west 

william thomas wheeler 
brenda o'neil whisnant 

thomas squires whitaker 

ri chard harlan whitney: a.b. business administration; accounting 
club 1,2; advertising 3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; men's representative 
4; s.c.a. 1. 

harry waiter wilson: a.b. accounting club 2,3, vice president 4; 

intramurals 1 ,2,3,4, 

glenn Sylvester wolfgang: a.b. sociology; choir 1,3,4, treasurer 2; 
modern ensemble 1,2,3; s.c.a. 1,2,3, co-president 4; adelphians 
1,2,3,4; sigma pi alpha 2, treasurer 3; academic development 
committee 4; who's who in american colleges and universities 4. 
jonnie daniel wood: a.b. history; w.a.a. 1,2; kappa tau kappa 
1,3,4; international relations club 3; cheerleading 2, co-captain 3, 
captain 4; freshman orientation co-chairman 4; elections commit- 
tee 2,3; sayakini staff 3; homecoming court 4; fine films club 2. 

robert caldwell wood: a.b. geology; intr 
ence club 3,4; geology lab assistant 3,4; 
anne mitchell yates: a.b. 

al 1,2; seymour sci- 

entary education; a.s.t.c. 1,2. 
maurice olin york: a.b. business administration; baseball 1,2; 
accounting club 2,3,4; advertising club 2,3,4; men's residence 
council 1; intramurals 1,2,3,4. 

lichael Joseph zid 

lurals 1,2,3,4; Internationa 


itical sen 

golf 1,3,4; intra- 


richard harlan whirney 
harry waiter wilson 

glenn Sylvester wolfgang 

jonnie daniel wood 
robert caldwell wood 
anne mitchell yates 

taurice olin york 
lichael Joseph zidonik 

campus life 


ft?- .• ■/■•-> 


r m^L '* 


P9 Y * 

Br "™ 

f jjr- \xj 




eai^LimM^'^;, k^j 

* ■- .-- ->*•■ 

Zombie $1m 

u-Hevly disquSfiNg. 

£qt;p-5tu<W body. 
fe ■ *m i ?0 d (?a1 ifSelF o* the Plo+e 

"—- -^ 


' "■""■""" 

jw- «.-»e»uu»w •«n»J>«tk>uM.«i^_ 1 tt»jr» ■«Sp^'*Ba»» ( «Mi»»^e (B ^^ 1 (« iaeB1Bl< ^iia**iu, ,~ , j!R®reSfc«& 


/ J ' 'J | 


: ■ 



V _ > 




pT$f*i 1 


IK''/ v-.'f 


seniors — ron christman and kath 

TO U ', 

■ doug sutton and debbie book 

freshmen — roachel laney and 


v Ti* 

I -<\ 





debbie book 

diane watson 

lynn spittle 

peanut reddig 

debbie gilmore 



capt. — dee bleacher, I. to r., kathy currie, beckie mcqueen, carla goodman, brenda canipe, mory Johnson. 

beckie mcqueen 


m m 





1 : | 


i * 

i mi 






brenda canipe 



1 tl \ 

, i a 

*■'". 1 

t 1 



. i 1 

4 KM 

{BBS i 



president — ron chrisrman vice president — george dunlop secretary — carol Stewart 

president — torn atkins 

senior class officers 
junior class officers 

'ice president — dan bross 

secretary — Jennifer baskins 

treasurer — bob turbyfill 

treasurer — pepper peddicord 


president — ed hughes vice president — tim baer 

secretary — barbara little 

sophomore class officers 
freshman class officers 

president — dove rotherford vice president — John hardin 


secretary — sue evans 

treasurer — cam mclaughl: 


who's who 

mary carol atterberry 

elizaberh aungsr 

raymond bailey 

jack bolls 

rudy chotlos 

jane christie 

ron christman 

kenneth clapp 

george dunlop 

jam hagerma 

sallye Howard 

donita jolly 

karin monokian 

kathy nelson 

clifton pope 

margaret russell 

Carroll schroeder 

bob rurbyfill 

glenn Wolfgang 



liedrick house 

s *" a 

Ega » 


-JMBE /"* 
BtoA * ii ii 

ER^ilMffBc. ii •■' w 
fiflBMSUP li li Ml 

HP : >* \ 

j^jJBr ~ 

Christine bohr 70 

glenrock, Pennsylvania 

donita jolly 70 

kannapolis, north carolit 


brenda whisnant 70 

morganton, north carolii 

north hall 


melinda olexander 73 

lebanon, new jersey 
bel-h anderman 73 

frederick, maryland 
jan anderson 73 

greensboro, north carolin 
sherry archie 72 

mooresville, north carolir 

lilla armfield 73 

dover, delaware 
peggy aument 73 
holtwood, Pennsylvania 
joan aydelerte 72 
loring a.f.b., maine 
margaret bagnal 72 
statesville. north Carolina 

margaret barger 

sanford, north a 
gale barth 73 
cherry hill, new j 
karen beeson / 
sophia, north car 
karen betts 72 
kailua, hawaii 

mary bland 72 

bethseda, maryland 
dolores bleacher 71 
lancaster, pennsylvani 
joanne boutwell 7 1 



high point, north can 

Jessica briggs 73 

manheim, Pennsylvania 
fay britringham 73 
laurel, delaware 
kathleen brumbaugh 73 
boca raton, florida 
mary bullard 70 
bessemer city, north Carolina 

linda caldwell 71 

lynchburg, Virginia 
sharon carmon 73 
mocksville, north Carolina 
andrea carrick 71 
lexington, north Carolina 
betty dark 72 
oxford, north Carolina 

pamela clinton 73 

mclean, Virginia 
irene cooke 73 
gastonia, north Carolina. 
lynne cramer 71 
pitman, new jersey 
lucy crircher 72 
moravian falls, north carolii 

nancy culp 72 

lancaster, pennsylvani 
rita davis 73 
boonville, north carolii 
freida deese 72 
albemorle, north carol 
cafhy lelk 73 
mclean, Virginia 

allison derse 73 

scarsdale, new york 
patricia domer 73 

Johnstown, Pennsylvania 
Jennifer downing 73 
woodstown, new jersey 
joanne everhardt 70 

lexington, north Carolina 

paula fidler 73 

lebanon, Pennsylvania 
caryn fineblum 73 
silver spring, maryland 
bonnie finlaw 72 
woodstown, new jersey 
elsie fitzgerald 73 
Stuarts draft, Virginia 

rebecca forcum 7 1 

Wilmington, north Carolina 
allyson fuller 71 
mclean, Virginia 
jane garber 73 
harrisburg, Virginia 
patricio graham 70 
westfield, new jersey 

peggy gray 73 

winston-salem, north Carolina 
berry harden 72 
graham, north Carolina 
betrelynne hart 72 
marlton, new jersey 
rebecca hart 71 
chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

abigail Hastings 72 

selbyville, delaware 
maryanne hewitt 73 
woodstown, new jersey 
melissa howensrein 7\ 

liverpool, new york 
lynda idzikowski 72 

blackwood, new jersey 

dana jackson 71 

monroe, north Carolina 
karhryn james 73 
verona, new jersey 
mary jame 


rth i 

lfc^\\ \i 

judy jessie 72 

greensboro, north Carolina 

mary Johnson 72 

hendersonville, north carolri 
bonnie kaminski 73 
miller place, new york 
Christine kirby 73 
Wilmington, delaware 
morilyn klurtz 73 
rockwell, north Carolina 

ronnie locey 72 

annandale, Virginia 

clairo lagakis 73 

west simbsbury, Connecticut 

diana leto 73 

kennett square, Pennsylvania 

lorraine lippincott 71 

west palm beach, florida 

linda loihle 70 
bloomfield, new jersey 
nancy loving 71 
hagerstown, maryland 
rono lowder 72 
albemarle, north Carolina 
sherry lowder 72 
albemarle, north Carolina 

diane lowe 73 

winston-salem, north Carolina 
sharon martz 73 
woodstown, new jersey 
cynthio mccachren 72 
concord, north Carolina 
sharon mccrab 71 
sinking spring, Pennsylvania 

Jacqueline mccullough 

boca raton, florida 
donita mcgeary 73 
hyattsville, maryland 
colleen mclaughlin 73 
Salisbury, maryland 
marianne mclaurin 73 
silver spring, maryland 

rebecca mcqueen 71 

conover, north Carolina 
beverly melton 72 

cherryville, north Carolina 
vivian michael 72 

mocksville, north Carolina 
carleen mooney 71 

winston-salem, north corolina 

laurie morrison 71 

glen rack, new jersey 
lizaberh mosser 71 
lanham, maryland 
barbara mullins 71 

titusville, florida 
lynn myers 71 

jonesville, north caroli 

debra ossm 




advance, north Carolina 
martha petrey 7 1 
gastonia, north Carolina 
linda pharis 70 

pennsauken, new jersey 

dana pitringer 73 

ft. lauderdale, florida 
deborah poplin 73 

albemarble, north caro 
beth prosser 72 

lancaster, pennsylvank 
nancy raum 73 

arlington, Virginia 

tobytha raymer 71 

statesville, north carolir 
susan rhodes 73 
woodstown, new jersey 
marie rissmiller 71 
hamburg, Pennsylvania 
nancy roakes 72 
Salisbury, north Caroline 

judy robinson 72 

getrysburg, pennsylvan 
lynn robinson 71 
pennsville, new jersey 
melissa rowand 71 
atco, new jersey 
nancy schmidt 70 

cynthia scronce 71 

lincolnton, nortr 
carlorta seagrav 
winston-salem, f 
deborah sigmon 
claremont, north car 
solley skiff 73 
Chatham, new jersey 


-th car 


sarah snow 73 

cinnaminson, new jersey 
lynn spittle 71 
mount holly, north carolir 
julia stone 73 
yadkinville, north carolini 
beverly stover 73 
cherry hill, new jersey 


louonn tolley 

gastonia, north Carolina 
betsy taylor 71 
absecon, new jersey 
julia taylor 72 

Jamestown, north Carolina 
sharon thomas 71 

silver city, north Carolina 

louanne treos 73 

gettysburg, pennsylv 
Carolyn treece 7 1 
stanfield, north care 
donna treece 73 

albemarle, north car 

jonna turner 

richmond, virgii 

reta vollbracht 70 

kings mountain, north care 
notasho vukasin 73 
arlington, Virginia 
susan walker 72 
bernardsville, new jersey 
sally watkins 72 
albemarle, north Carolina 

judy watt* 73 

albemarle, north Carolina 
marsha weaver 72 
Wilmington, north Carolina 
lorna wenzel 71 
martinsville, new jersey 
susan whitley 73 
oakboro, north Carolina 

gail Williams 72 

lenoir, north Carolina 
lynn williams 72 
lenoir, north Carolina 
cynthia Williamson 73 

emmaus, peansylvania 
corolyn williford 71 

garner, north Carolina 

deborah wilson 72 

eastville, Virginia 
leanne winters 7 1 

lancaster, Pennsylvania 

woodson hail 

berte aungsr 


north palm be 




Carolyn baldw 



Washington, d 


morion barcK 


allentown, per 




rth i 

Jennifer baskii 


deborah beam 72 

lincolnton, north carolir 
karen bean 72 
mt. Jackson, Virginia 
befsy bebb 70 
arlington, Virginia 


fay behrens 

metuchen, r 

debra binga 

silver spring, maryland 

jane blanton 70 


rth i 

cynthia boling 72 

greenville, tennessee 





new castle, de 
jacalyn book 
new castle, d( 
susan bridges 
ahoskie, north cai 
mary brooks 72 
ft. myers, florida 

linda brown 70 

ft. myers, florida 

mary browning 72 

morganton, north Carolina 

morion eagle 70 

roanoke rapids, north carol it 

sally cameron 70 

troy, north Carolina 

barbara Campbell 71 

anipe 71 



linda carter 

carol carpente 


th i 

claire Christiansen 1 

cranbury, new jersey 
susan cogan 72 
neptune beach, florid- 
amy collins 70 
burlington, north care 
kafhy conte 73 
linwood, north carolin 

f) £% 



sora covington 70 

winston-salem, north caro 
rita craft 7 1 
rural hall, north Carolina 
ortell cromer 73 
dillsburg, Pennsylvania 


ch 73 

greensboro, north Carolina 

judith csontos 72 

ft. pierce, florida 
kathy currie 72 

Williamsburg, virgini. 
carol davis 72 
winter park, florida 
sharon davis 70 
shiloh, new jersey 

i dempster 70 

burlington, north Carolina 
louann deyton 70 
kannapolis, north Carolina 
donna dick 73 
montville, new jersey 
Beverly eorly 72 
lincolnton, north Carolina 

rebecca earnhardt 71 

albemarle, north Carolina 
kathryn enos 70 
paulsboro, new jersey 
suzanne evans 73 
neffsville, Pennsylvania 
lynda fairhanks 70 
centerville, massachusetts 

gayla forlow 70 

greensboro, north Carolina 
Victoria ferguson 70 
millersville, Pennsylvania 
elizabeth gabriel 72 

mooresville, north Carolina 
cynthia gall 72 
simsbury, Connecticut 

deborah gilmore 72 

burlington, north ca 
carlo goodman 72 
landis, north carolir 
adrienne gasztonyi 
bethlehem, pennsyh 
allison grimes 73 
hickory, north carol 


julia grimes 73 

lexington, north caroli* 
lena grimes 71 
lexington, north carofi 
cynthia gudger 73 
asheville, north carolir 
ann gwathmey 73 
walkerton, Virginia 

janet hagerman 70 

easton, Pennsylvania 
stella hall 72 
sylva, north Carolina 
doris hamby 73 
pfafftown, north carolin 
michele harbeson 70 
pennsville, new jersey 

mary harrington 70 

elon college, north carolir 
donna Harris 72 
salem, new jersey 
barbara harrison 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
nancy hassick 71 

bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

vicki hauser 73 

clemmons, north care 
harriet hershey 72 

gettysburg, pennsylvc 
kathleen hill 73 
honolulu, hawaii 
elaine hintze 73 

camp hill, pennsylvar 

harriet holeman 72 

durham, north Carolina 
nancy honeycutt 70 
troutman, north carolir 
katharine hood 70 


carol houghton 7 1 

mountville, pennsylvon 

mary hovis 73 

greensboro, north Carolina 
sallye howard 70 
pocomoke, maryland 
martha sue hudgins 70 

statesville, north Carolina 
karhleen hudson 70 

statesville, north Carolina 


fwj ^^ 

janet hufnagel 72 

woodbury, new jersey 
judy icenhour 70 

statesville, north Carolina 
sharyn jarrell 72 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
susan Johnson 70 

alexandria, Virginia 

leora keener 72 

york, Pennsylvania 
debra kelly 73 
boca raton, florida 
marsha kessler 72 

frederick, maryland 
onn kester 72 

burlington, north Carolina 

bonito kiker 71 

polkton, north carolir 
shirlee king 71 
cheverly, maryland 
kimmerly klein 71 
annandale, Virginia 
lynn konchnik 70 
arlington, Virginia 

judy krizay 72 

kafhlee'n kucharski 7 

great meadows, new je 
rebecca lackey 70 
hickory, north Carolina 
beverly latsha 71 

Petersburg, pennsylvar 

jane lees 70 

lancaster, pennsyl 
wanda lemi 

union bridge, maryl 



woodberry, new jersey 
mary Icily 70 

norwood, north Caroline 

sally link 72 

lexington, north Carolina 
pamela lakey 71 
elizabethtown, pennsylvar 
angela lutz 71 
orford, maryland 
rlin 71 

carol martin 73 

wadesboro, north Carolina 
melinda martin 73 

buffalo, new york 

nary i 



Albemarle, north i 


pennsauken, new jersey 


olonial I 

lial heights, Virginia 
meredirh morgan 73 
vera beach, florida 
nancy moss 7 1 
granite falls, north carolii 
elizaberh murray 70 
burlington, north Carolina 

burlington, north Carolina 
nancy nash 72 
silver spring, marylond 
karhleen nelson 70 
boca raton, florida 
sheri nelson 71 
huntersville, north Carolina 

candace nolon 71 

baltimore, maryland 



salem, new jersey 
leslie orner 73 

gettysburg, pennsylvanic 
sandy porker 71 

mt. airy, north Carolina 

susan poorbaugh 73 

york, Pennsylvania 
deborah queen 71 
arlington, Virginia 
pally raab 71 
Clearwater, florida 
marcia rahn 72 
reading, Pennsylvania 

Joanne reger 72 

carol rhodes 72 

silver spring, maryland 
amy rice 72 
Clearwater, florida 
jeanetre rives 72 

purcellville, Virginia 

sharon roseman 71 

china grove, north Carolina 
Jill rowe 73 
hagerstown, maryland 
linda rowe 70 
hagerstown, maryland 
margaret russell 70 
georgetown, delaware 




Clearwater, florida 
gretchen schaeffer 

lexington, north Carolina 
bonnie schmidt 73 
elizabethtown, pennsylvan 
oleta schmidt 70 

elizabethtown, pennsylvar 

sally shook 72 

lebanan, Pennsylvania 
linda shaver 70 
hudson, north Carolina 
barbara smith 72 
high point, north Carolina 
paula smith 71 
conover, north Carolina 

susan soden 

west haven, 




annandale, Virginia 
sharon solt 73 
palm, Pennsylvania 
suzanne starling 73 

lancaster, pennsylvank 

katharine steinert 71 

somers, Connecticut 
hope stelrer 72 

winston-salem, north caroli; 
carol Stewart 70 
mt. airy, north Carolina 
peggy stoudemire 71 

spencer, north Carolina 

i taylor 

el, delav 
>l thoma! 


haw river, north Carolina 
judy thompson 70 
statesvilie, north Carolina 
Joan travis 72 

haddon heights, new jersey 

susan trimble 72 

wolf, Pennsylvania 
debra turner 73 
towanda, Pennsylvania 
valinda tyndall 70 
winston-salem, north earolii 
kathy tzouvelekas 73 
greenville, south Carolina 

linda van brunt 72 

lebanon, new jersey 
elizobeth wagner 72 
lexington, north Carolina 
karen wagner 73 
clover, delaware 
barbara watson 73 
st. marys, west Virginia 


ne watson 73 

v castle, delaware 
elia weaver 72 

weaverville, north earolii 
susan weaver 72 
arlington, Virginia 
j ill webb 70 

swoope, Virginia 

Judith welker 70 

Westminister, maryland 
mary wigginton 72 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
Helen williams 72 
red springs, north Carolina 
susan wilson 70 

fayetteville, north Carolina 

jonnie wood 70 

mechanicsville, Virginia 
donna yost 7 1 
somerville, new jersey 
nancy yundt 71 
mercersburg, pennsylvanu 

zartman hall 

margaret blackman 72 

mt. airy, north Carolina 
brenda brodshaw 72 
newton, north Carolina 
bethanyanne brick 71 
collingswood, new jersey 
carol burkman 71 
york, pennsylv 

molly burns 73 

winston-salem, north carol ii 
elaine buss 72 
williamsport, pennsylvan 
deborah chapman 72 

-sill, maryland 
jane christie 70 
rowayton, Connecticut 

roni coggins 71 

baden, north Carolina 

south boston, Virginia 
sarah craig 71 
Salisbury, maryland 
Julia donnelly 73 

lancaster, Pennsylvania 

claudia dunham 71 

cocoa, florida 
elizabeth ellingsworth 

glenwood, maryland 
cheryl ellioft 11 

fair haven, new jersey 
adele ellis 73 

red lion, Pennsylvania 

judith ferebee 72 

mocksville, north Carolina 
sarah ferrall 72 
bryantown, maryland 
sandy hake 73 
lancaster, Pennsylvania 
Virginia hinron 73 
greensboro, north Caroline 

carhy hobbs 73 

miami, florida 
susan hollifield 70 

gasronia, north caroli 
norma hyman 70 
alexandria, Virginia 
Janice irvrne 72 

lancaster, pennsylvan 

jacquelyn james 71 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
penny kissling 73 
reading, Pennsylvania 
ann knox 72 

lancaster, Pennsylvania 
barbara koffel 70 

collegeville, Pennsylvania 

marjor levan 70 

reading, Pennsylvania 
barbara Lille 72 
lansing, Pennsylvania 
daphne loflin 71 
denton, north Carolina 
susan loughlin 71 
pennsville, new jersey 

barbaro marshall 72 

royal center, indiana 
karla marshall 70 
winston-salem, north cart 
suzanne martin 72 
mocksville, north carolin t 
linda mosteller 70 
gastonia, north Carolina 

nancy newsom 70 

Jacksonville, florida 
Catherine o'dell 73 
blowing rock, north carolin 
marcia pensinger 71 

waynesboro, Pennsylvania 
linda price 71 

mt. holly, north Carolina 

crystal rambo 73 

new castle, delaware 
peanut reddig 71 
shippensburg, pennsylv 
rosa rothrock 73 
walkerton, north caroli, 
ann rudisell 73 
york, Pennsylvania 

diane schlesman 71 

womelsdorf, Pennsylvania 
sarah scott 72 
berwyn, Pennsylvania 
karen stein 71 

bethel, Pennsylvania 
susan van schaick 72 

center valley, Pennsylvania 

lisa vosburgh 73 

manhasset, new york 
cathleen ward 73 
lancaster, Pennsylvania 
teresa ward 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
sally watters 72 

grace wells 73 

harrisonburg, Virginia 
martha wilbourne 73 
richmond, Virginia 
deborah wilson 73 
winston-salem, north care 
mary wilson 73 
asheboro, north Carolina 

abernethy hall 

lorance odams 70 

merry hill, north Carolina 
lynn andrews 71 
edgewater, new jersey 
lincoln ormington 72 
millville, new jersey 
david arrhur 70 
burlington, north Carolina 

torn otkins 71 

scotch plains, new jersey 
tim baer 72 
oakes, Pennsylvania 
raymond bailey 70 
winston-salem, north carol 
Charles baker 70 
kannapolis, north Carolina 

'^P* 85 *-*^* 1~ ~y 



^5y Jh^| 


4kfe dAAtMrM 








P> © © © 

John bolls 70 

charlotte, north carolii 
dan barbaro 72 
berlin, new hampshire 
steve beall 70 
broomfield, Colorado 
Charles bell 70 
edgewater, new jersey 

tim binkley 71 
winston-salem, north co 
nick bishop 70 
chapel hill, north corolr 
bill bomberger 71 
york, Pennsylvania 
steve breitenstein 71 
boca raton, florida 

dan bross 7 1 

east berlin, pennsylvan 
John brubaker 71 
pleasant garden, north i 
scott burkhart 70 
birdsboro, pennsylvanic 
bill Campbell 71 
waynesboro, Virginia 

joe Canada 70 

burlington, north care 
rodney clinard 70 

thomasville, north cai 
mike corbett 70 
annapolis, maryland 
roy costner 70 

westville, new jersey 

bill Cunningham 72 

silver spring, maryland 
george dunlop 70 
Philadelphia, pennsylvanic 
cliff durham 71 

winston-salem, north caro 
bob edris 70 

gilbertsville, Pennsylvania 

jeffellis 71 

dunkirk, maryland 
william estes 70 

maiden, north Carolina 
bill eyler 71 
thurmont, maryland 
bud farrar 70 

bloomingdale, new jersey 

bob fauver 70 

pennsauken, new jer 
richie feimster 70 
statesville, north can 
bill fletcher 71 
raleigh, north carolir 
jahn forney 70 
frederick, maryland 

keith frye 70 

mocksville, north Carolina 
fred funk 70 
cedorville, new jersey 
doug gardner 7 1 
statesville, north Carolina 
dona gebel 72 
waynesboro, Pennsylvania 

russell geiger 70 

wayne, new jersey 
John golding 72 

mt. airy, north Carolina 
bob goodlin 71 
blairsville, Pennsylvania 
arthur green 72 

winston-salem, north car 

donald green 71 

walkersville, maryland 

fom grockenberger 72 

barwegat, new jersey 

John halliwell 70 

clementon, new jersey 

johnny hanes 71 

mountain park, north Carolina 

bill harrold 72 

brewster, ohio 
mike hart 72 
boca raton, tlorida 
david hastings 72 
wolkertown, north cor 
gerard hillyer 71 
asheville, north carolii 

Jeff hinkle 72 

gettysburg, pennsylvc 
rjennie holland 70 
asheboro, north carol 
don holmes 71 
oxford, Pennsylvania 
joe home 7 1 


*•*++ , Mr* 


Pr* f |7Tf 

mpj £*' ^^ 

P p? Pf hP- 

^-' t^f %h J 7^/ 

dolan hubbard 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
david hughes 71 
phillipsburg, new jersey 
henry hunter 70 
arlington, Virginia 
mike hutchens 70 
mt. airy, north Carolina 

don iseley 70 

burlington, north Carolina 
jim Johnson 70 

manlius, new york 
lorry keenburg 70 
irvington, new jersey 
wayne kendall 73 

bernardsville, new jersey 

randy klopp 71 

richland, Pennsylvania 

jim kreh 71 

silver spring, maryland 

mark landis 72 

york, Pennsylvania 

joe landreth 70 

winston-salem, north Carolina 

dean leech 70 

pleasantville, new jersey 
don lubas 71 
reading, Pennsylvania 
dean manges 70 
harrington, delaware 
byrd markel 72 
york, Pennsylvania 

al martens 70 

north haledon, new jersey 
John maydak 70 
ravenna, ohio 
robert mcallister 72 

womelsdorf, Pennsylvania 
morty mchenry 70 

houston, texas 

dennis mcgaha 70 

middletown, maryland 
mike mercer 70 
frederick, maryland 
richard meyer 70 
state college, Pennsylvania 
waiter miller 72 
shippensburg, Pennsylvania 

rich mooney 70 

charlotte, north carolin 
craig neol 7 1 
chomblee, georgia 
james neikirk 72 
hagerstown, maryland 
sammy nichols 72 
clover, Virginia 

daniel owen 70 
lexington, north Carolina 
jimmy porker 71 
mt. airy, north Carolina 
stuait parks 70 
lexington, north Carolina 
richard payne 7 1 
frankfort, delaware 

ralph perrino 71 

south plainfield, new jer 
dwaine phifer 70 
mooresville, north carolii 
John pierce 7 1 
woodbury heights, new ji 
greg poff 70 
caldwell, new jersey 

bob reindollar 71 

taneytown, maryland 
mike rirter 71 

allentown, Pennsylvania 
brad roof 72 
chambersburg, Pennsylvania 
kenny scearce 72 

danville, Virginia 

jay schiefer 71 

alexondria, virgii 
Carroll schroeder 
baltimore, maryland 
bill schulze 70 


robert seaton 70 

silver spring, maryland 

John setzer 70 

hickory, north caroli 
roger shafer 70 
richboro, pennsylvan 
gerald shaffer 72 
york, Pennsylvania 
ron slusher 72 

@ /£» © 
m^f i~^f ^f (?*• 

+M*+*:r1s L 







Jim siket 70 

new york, new york 
jim snow 72 
riverside, new jersey 
lee snyder 70 
brodbecks, Pennsylvania 
henry somers 71 
greensburg, Pennsylvania 

gary speiran 71 

lewiston, new jersey 
gene swilkey 70 
northfield, new jersey 
Jeff tidrick 72 
decatur, georgia 
marvin trexler 72 
blowing rock, north Carolina 

frank truluck 71 

lexington, north Carolina 
mike varian 72 
gettysburg, Pennsylvania 
charlie vaughn 72 
chase city, Virginia 
rick vaughn 71 
thomasville, north Carolina 

james wagner 7 1 

lexington, north Carolina 
woody washham 72 
Cornelius, north Carolina 
mikewebb 71 
harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
mike Wilkinson 72 
arlington, Virginia 

vincent withers 72 

pine hall, north Carolina 
glenn wolfgong 70 
red lion, Pennsylvania 
ronnie wood 7 1 

winston-salem, north carolii 

claremont hall 

rusty cogan 7 1 

luther collins 72 

rocky i 

ferry copley 70 

thomasville, north care 
robert davis 70 
summit, Pennsylvania 
thomos dunlop 71 
Philadelphia, pennsylvt 
John fortenberry 7 1 
pennsville, new jersey 

{**) d*** /*** 





**An ,f A Ik 

(5* P f^> £> 

J^T p*^ ff^ Jr^P 

© e» 45J <A 

skip fortune 71 

arlington, Virginia 
John gomeringer 7 1 
pennsville, new jersey 
robert groy 7 1 
mcrlton, new jersey 
thomas harper 70 
clemmons, north carolii 

william hart 71 

mooresville, north Carolina 
edward higgins 70 
kernersville, north Carolina 
Steven Johnson 72 
winston-salem, north Carolina 
Joseph klimas 71 
englewood, florida 

winston-salem, north Carolina 
philip marsholl 71 
royal center, indiana 
michael mcconchie 71 
alexandria, Virginia 
richard moor 71 
clayton, delaware 

Steven morgan 7 1 

winston-salem, north Carolina 
daniel muthard 70 
robesonia, Pennsylvania 
roy oliver 70 
millville, new jersey 
Joseph organtini 70 
reading, Pennsylvania 

greg reinhardt 70 

hickory, north carolir 
dick Steinberg 71 
quarryville, north car 
doug sutton 71 

salem, Virginia 
markthoma 71 

bethlehem, pennsylvc 

bobby waters 71 

fayetteville, north care 
richard whitney 70 
harrisburg, pennsylvon 
brian wiggs 71 

newton, north Carolina 
moe york 70 

charlotte, north carolir 

foil house 

clinton, north Carolina 
eliott bayer 71 

; benron 72 

morganton, north carol 
cave blalock 72 
wodesboro, north caroli 

roberr eakes 72 

greensboro, north caro 
glenn evans 72 
middletown, pennsylva 
brent holcomb 72 
winston-salem, north c 
james hudson 72 
Salisbury, north carolir 

al Huffman 72 

granite falls, north care 
danny lawrence 72 
state road, north carolii 
david mccoy 72 
littlestown, pennsylvani 
richard neff 72 
emmaus, Pennsylvania 

fT*S |SpP W 7 ^ fp^ 
%p% mm f**r ^p 

(ft fe 


carey pahel 72 

youngwood, pennsylv 
cd quattlebaum 72 
woodstown, new jerse 
robin rames 72 
bethesda, maryland 
ronald riggs 72 

Stanley schoonmaker 

bridgeton, new jersey 
charles shelton 72 


rth carolii 

reid sides 72 

kannapolis, north Carolina 
albert tilley 72 

jonesville, north Carolina 

edmund tomlinson 72 

mocksville, north Caroline 
charles williams 72 
charlotte, north Carolina 
robert young 72 
collingswood, new jersey 
chris zeger 72 
mercersburg, pennsylvani 

michael zidonik 70 

Springfield, new jersey 

heath, hill 

ed hughes 72 

gettysburg, Pennsylvania 
george mummert 71 
spring grove, pennsylvan 
jerry pickett 70 
asheboro, north Carolina 
cltff pope 70 
clifton, north Carolina 

ken putnam 70 

chapel hill, north Carolina 
john schoderbck 72 

mebane, north Carolina 
ricky sides 71 

winston-salem, north carol 


■ >&2fc . 


lift fS 

rodd bynum 72 

willow springs, north Carolina 
robert dunham 70 
warminster, pennsylv 
michael garrison 7 

burlington, north carolii 
james gero 70 

earlville, new york 

james haas 70 

coopersburg, Pennsylvania 
neal hamilron 71 
mt. airy, north Carolina 
steve mirrl 72 
reading, Pennsylvania 
thorn as mohler 71 
frederick, maryland 

wiiliam shelton 72 

stokesdale, north carolii 
wiiliam Stevens 7 1 

matthews, north carolin 


harold adorns 73 

lititz, Pennsylvania 
roy angle 73 
greencastle, pennsylvan'u 
donnie beasley 73 
thomasville, north carolir 
russell bonman 71 
mt. airy, north Carolina 

douglas brady 72 

greensboro, north carolii 
terry brant 72 

frederick, maryland 

andal br- 

nger 73 

hellertown, pennsylv 
John bridges 73 

upper darby, pennsylv 

robert brown 73 

hellertown, Pennsylvania 
ronald brozo 72 
haddonfield, new jersey 
charles butler 73 
somerdale, new jersey 
Steven caterbone 73 
lancaster, Pennsylvania 

billy chestnut 73 

myrtle beach, south carol 
johnny coldiron 73 
londonberg, Pennsylvania 
richard condon 73 
Carlisle, Pennsylvania 
douglas corriher 7 1 
statesville, north Carolina 

© © © 

fW f^-» ^ fTTJ 

godsey 73 

s point, maryland 
waiter gregory 73 
somers point, new jersey 
floyd griffin 71 

roper, north Carolina 

Steven grimshaw 73 

pitman, new jersey 
ragnar hanas 73 
vosteras, Sweden 
John hordin 73 

thomasville, north Carolina 
James hardison 70 

havelock, north Carolina 

ike hill 70 

winston-salem, north cai 
olan hillard 73 
concord, north Carolina 
james hirsch 73 
wading river, new york 
thomas hoke 73 
hanover, Pennsylvania 

ray hofcomb 73 

winston-salem, north Carolina 

thomas hollis 71 

st. laurinburg, north Carolina 

jay hooper 72 

little york, new jersey 

harry james 73 

pennsville, new jersey 

ira Johnson 73 

Petersburg, new jersey 
richard Johnson 11 

alexandria, Virginia 
roger Johnson 70 
glassboro, new jersey 
roberr jolley 73 

sparrows point, maryland 

darnell keener 73 

york, Pennsylvania 
steve keithley 73 
adelphi, maryland 
thomas keller 73 

bridgeton, new jersey 
dale king 73 

union city, Pennsylvania 

michael king 71 

cheverly, maryland 
james kornberger 73 
cherry hill, new jersey 
robert koser 73 
boca raton, florida 
roachel laney 73 
cheraw, south Carolina 



0m >. Mfc 

4 £ mh MtM 

^i (ft (J!). 
& (ft (ft 

Joseph layron 73 

Salisbury, maryland 
John leo 73 
collingswood, new jersey 
steve lightenberg 73 

midland park, new jersey 
ronald lundi 73 
Virginia beach, Virginia 

Joseph monnella 73 

audobon, new jersey 
james mcbryde 7 1 
albemarle, north Carolina 
phillip mcconchie 73 
alexandria, Virginia 
hugh mclochlon 72 
bernardsville, new jersey 

david mcpeak 73 

woodberry, new jersey 
lane miller 72 

claremont, north Carolina 


tiller 73 

frederick, maryland 
harry monokian 7 1 
cherry hill, new jersey 
gary moran 73 

statesville, north carolin 
paul morgan 73 

Virginia beach, Virginia 

james mouser 73 

oakton, Virginia 

boris myloradowycz 73 

Philadelphia, pennsylvani< 
benjamin neideigh 73 
lititz, Pennsylvania 
james newkirk 73 
hancock, maryland 

charles niquerte 73 

lititz, Pennsylvania 
ed nypaver 72 
uniontown, pennsylvani 
dwight perry 73 
palmer, massachusetts 
charles pfaffer 73 
belvedere, Illinois 

john porter 73 

frederick, maryland 
robert presnell 73 

glade volley, north Carolina 
Stanley przygoda 73 
magnolia, new jersey 
kermit racey 73 

woodstock, Virginia 

david ratchford 73 

gastonia, north Carolina 
scott rebholz 72 
reading, Pennsylvania 
edward reich 73 
clemmon, north Carolina 
mike reynolds 70 
williamstown, new jersey 

donald richoedson 73 

rockville, maryland 
scott riepen 73 
cherry hill, new jersey 
george rodgers 73 
glen burnie, maryland 
thomas rose 73 
winston-salem, north car 


tp ft Q & 


fKf £~! f^l f^T 


nee sammons 


mantua, new jersey 
george sapna 73 
seaford, delaware 
rutherford sawyer 73 

walkertown, north Carolina 
edgar sayre 73 
bridgeton, new jersey 

richard sears 73 

granite falls, north Carolina 
robert setzer 73 




robert sheaver 

york, Pennsylvania 
richard shields 73 

york, Pennsylvania 

belton shuford 73 

hickory, north Carolina 
carl smith 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
david smith 73 
charlotte, north Carolina 
dayle smith 73 
lehighton, Pennsylvania 

K~T w^** Fs^t 

h n*f 

A*4A Ai» , it , 

£M t *m**j* 







■VC. m 

michoet smith 73 

harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
frank somes 73 
pemberton, new jersey 
william springer 73 
lancaster, Pennsylvania 
randall stout 73 
hanover, Pennsylvania 

jerry Stroud 71 

advance, north Carolina 
lawrence strunk 73 
hagerstown, maryland 
frank swala 72 
whippany, new jersey 
david taylor 72 
hickory, north Carolina 

Stephen tucker 73 

perryville, maryland 
John tulloss 70 
knoxville, tennessee 
jimmy tussey 73 
south boston, virginic 
James vomer 73 
delonca, new jersey 

edward vade 73 

boonsboro, maryland 
daniel weber 71 
reading, Pennsylvania 
ronald whitaker 73 
burlington, north Carolina 
randall white 73 
orange, Connecticut 

gerald williams 72 

haddonfield, new jersey 
kirley willis 73 
bridgeton, new jersey 
marvin willis 73 
new london, Connecticut 
donald winters 73 
hanover, Pennsylvania 

borry wood 71 

sandy ridge, north Carolina 
william wright 73 
kensington, maryland 
Steven yingling 73 
Westminster, maryland 
randolph zepp 71 
littlestown, pennslyvania 

day students 

henry adorns 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
lowell alcorn 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
horold allcin 70 
chevy chase, maryland 
robert alten 70 
franconia, new hampshire 

rebecca alston 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
mary amnions 72 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
robert bailey 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
charlotte baity 71 
mocksville, north Carolina 

brookie barbour 72 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
kenna barnes 71 
linwood, north Carolina 
william barnes 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
michael borringer 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 

william bartlert 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
beverly beck 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
roy berrier 70 
welcome, north Carolina 
donald black 70 
statesville, north Carolina 

david boutilier 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
vicki brackett 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
lawrence brogdon 72 

cooleemee, north Carolina 
thomas brown 73 

mooresville, north Carolina 

johnny bruce 73 

Salisbury, north carolii 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
John buxton 73 

Salisbury, north Carolina 


1 L 

& 4ft*~fc 







Salisbury, north cc 
lynn caskey 72 


4 , **-* 

alisbury, north carolii 

kannapolis, north ca 
morfha clontz 72 

Joseph coble 70 

burlington, north c 

Jeffrey i 

Salisbury, north carolh 
billy Crawford 73 

Salisbury, north carolii 

mm « 


lp *i 


Salisbury, north Carolina 
johnny dagenhardt 72 

kothryn daniels 72 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
janef daugherry 71 
china grove, north carolii 
patsy daugherry 73 


nd daugherty 70 

mary davis 70 

lexington, north Carolina 
susan dedmon 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
Joyce derting 72 
gate city, Virginia 
John donai 70 
lexington, north Carolina 

Stephen drye 71 

china grove, north carolii 
gary earnhardt 72 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
george cowards 72 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
delone efird 71 
albemarle, north Carolina 

barry eller 73 

spencer, north Carolina 
eddie eller 71 
Salisbury, north carolini 
lynette eller 70 

Salisbury, north carolini 


olisbury, north i 


larry fain 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
frances faust 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
dorothy felts 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
gary fink 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 

kirby foley 70 

granite quarry, north ca 
roger folios 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
glenn freirich 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
gerold fuss 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 

penny fust 73 

china grove, north carol 
lindo gamble 73 
Salisbury, north caroiina 
jane gill 70 
statesville, north carolin, 
tony glascoe 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 

bobbie godwin 7 I 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
carl gray 7 1 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
James hampton 71 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
rick hampton 7 1 
Salisbury, north Carolina 

6 ^ 


K«J f^ fS-) 


betty hones 7 1 

Salisbury, north carolii 
robert hartsell 7 1 
Salisbury, north carolii 
gary hauze 70 
Salisbury, north carolii 
linda hauze 70 
Salisbury, north carolii 

cheryl heintz 71 

mount pleasant, north t 
carol hill 73 
china grove, north care 
michael hillard 70 
Salisbury, north carolin 
cathy hoffner 73 
faith, north Carolina 

ernest houck 70 

Salisbury, north carolii 
susan houck 70 
Salisbury, north carolii 
steve inmart 72 
ararat, north Carolina 
jomes Julian 70 
Salisbury, north carolii 

Patricia Julian 71 

Salisbury, north Caroline 
garry ketchie 72 
Salisbury, north Caroline 
gordon kirkland 70 

Salisbury, north Caroline 
rickie logic 72 

mocksville, north carolii 

richord landis 70 

Salisbury, north carolii 
Judith lear 73 
Salisbury, north carolii 
james lentz 72 
Salisbury, north carolir 
jason lesley 7 1 
Salisbury, north carolii 

angela Under 71 

Salisbury, north carolii 
susan lippard 70 
Salisbury, north carolii 
dovid litaker 73 
Salisbury, north carolii 
carol long 70 
Salisbury, north carolii 

dondd long 71 



ong 72 

Salisbury, north caro 
Judith lowman 72 
faith, north Carolina 
Stanley ludwig 72 

faith, north Carolina 

jack i 



kannapolis, north carolim 
michacl mcadams 71 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
edith mccanless 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 

dale mcintosh special 

woodleaf, north Caroline 
suzanne mccleod 72 
Salisbury, north Caroline 
Chester michael 70 


faith, i 

-rth c 



John millspaugh 71 

alisbury, north carolit 



Salisbury, north carol 
alice morgan 73 
china grove, north ca 
calvin morgan 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 


sally morgan 70 

mt. ulla, north Carolina 
steve morgan 72 
gold hill, north Carolina 
sarah moss 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
mary ellen myers 7 1 
Salisbury, north Carolina 

suzanne nelson 70 

lexington, north Carolina 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
darrell oakes 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 


V^ rg*' IQ' ^^ 

iff Aite 

alisbury, north carolii 
imcs padgeti 70 

rockwell, north carolir 
robert perrell 70 

woodleaf, north carolii 

alvin poole 73 

rockwell, north Carolina 
tommy poole 72 

kannapolis, north carolin 
ronold poston 7 1 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
gorrell proctor 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 

kathy proctor 73 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
Carole redding 72 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
1 daniel ritchie 72 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
! kenneth ritchie 71 
I china grove, north carolir 

harold roberts 72 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
dennis rogers 72 
faith, north Carolina 
william russell 73 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
William ryburn 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 

martha safrit 70 

china grove, north carolir 
marvin safrit 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
larry sasser 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 



P^ W^ ^^ ^- j 

-idgewood, new jersey 

kannapolis, north carolim 
bob selby 71 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
don selby 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
keith setier 72 
Salisbury, north Carolina 

jeonnie sherrill 71 

kannapolis, north Carolina 
jane shire 70 
china grove, north Caroline 
jo ann shotzberger 71 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
mory ruth shulcr 70 
mocksville / north Carolina 

james sides 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
janice sides 71 
winston-salem, north corolir 
boyd simerson 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
larry sloop 71 
mooresville, north Carolina 

mary sloop 72 

mooresville, north carolin 
debbie smith 73 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
janet smith 70 
kannapolis, north carolin- 
wesley snyder 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 

Jeffrey spaks 70 

Salisbury, north carolin 
randy Steele 70 
kannapolis, north caro 
martha stegall 70 

lexington, north carolii 
neal stirewalt 73 
faith, north Carolina 

Jacob stirewalt 70 

concord, north Carolina 
ave swander 7 1 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
robert swanner 70 
olbemarle, north Carolina 
nancy swicegood 70 
linwood, north Carolina 

bill tatum 70 

Salisbury, north < 
karen tatum 71 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
robert terry 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
John thomas 73 

Salisbury, north Carolina 

*~A4 i H 

royce thomsan 7 1 

Salisbury, north carol 
paul thompson 70 

barry thornburg 70 

tarry tootoo 72 

Salisbury, north Carolina 

elizabeth upright 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
sharon wagoner 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 



^*? £^9 S^l ^^ 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
thomos wosson 71 

staresville, north Carolina 

janet watson 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
mary watson 7 1 
Salisbury, north Caroline 
kathy weaver 71 
Salisbury, north Caroline 
John webster 70 
Salisbury, north Caroline 

sue weddington 71 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
ann wentz 7 1 
kannapolis, north Caroline 
woyne west 70 

ulisbury, north can 







ulisbury,, north carolir 

thomas whitaker 70 

Salisbury, north carolin 
david white 71 
kannapolis, north carol 
douglas Williams 72 
Salisbury, north carolin 
harry wilson 70 
vincetown, new jersey 

sober! wood 70 

Salisbury, north Carolina 
anne yates 70 
Salisbury, north Carolina 
ernest yelton 7 1 

gold hill, north Carolina 


student government 

the student government association has 
proven itself to be very active this year in 
performing its basic duty of establishing close 
relationships between the faculty and students, 
an interclub council has been established to 
coordinate campus activities, the s-r parking 
lot has been paved, the women's government 
association has been incorporated into the 
government structure, and a set of guidelines 
has been established for the judicial board, all 
of these have been initiated through the ef- 
forts of the sga. this association has also 
worked closely with the architects in planning 
the new student center and with the faculty 
toward the updating of rules and regulations 
and the elimination of all Saturday classes. 

kenneth clopp, president 

dennis mcgaha, vice president 

-itermediate board — amy rice, jason lesley, nan yundt, ken clapp, dave eastburn, cliff pope, karhy nelson. 




■:•/' ^ v.. 







i ■'& 

C F 





JfL i 

J .:-,/ 

Ta : j_ 


1 f jfiro? 



judicial board — debbie book, jane christie, bob davis, nan yundt, 
mr, derting, george mummert, 

ntgomery, ken clapp, dr. sell, 

board of review — miss sparks, doug sutton, karen bean, rudy chatlos. 

legislative board — polly raab, dermis mcgaha, ray bailey. 

women's government association — jane christie, mary carol atterberry, bonita kiker, kathy nelson, frances faust, 
sharon mccrab, bette aungst. 

residence council — randy stout, dean leech, cliff pope, ken putnam, doug sutton. 

advisors — mr. carter, dr. schieman. 

• j: 

□ tors — bill wheeler, charles vaughn, ricky sides. 

women's athletic representative — dean farlow. 

Tth hall council — sharon mccrab, dee bleacher, jo everhart, chris kirby, lynn myers, Jeanne 
winters, carolyn treece, mary Johnson, abby hastings, toby roymer, beth prosser. 

woodson hall 
book, carol dc 

— sallye ho* 
poorbaugh, < 

bette aungst, Carlisle holeman, barbara smith, 
-a parker, jo lisa, hope stelter, dean farlow, sara 


pioneer staff 

editor-in-chief jim kreh 

business manager sue soderman 

news editor susan cogan 

editorial editor nancy rookes 

feature editor vincenr withers 

dolan hubbard 

sports editor jason lesley 

advertising manager .... jenny baskin 

circulation manager randy kloop 

photographers joedy klimas 

ragnar hanas 

secretary elaine onion 

advisors mr. david serzer 

mr. reid jann 

the pioneer, catawba's bi- 
weekly newspaper, has at- 
tempted to live up to its name 
this year and be a true pioneer, 
instead of skirting issues and 
staying in the middle of the 
road as has been past policy, 
this year's pioneer has taken a 
stand on many relevant issues 
of the day and attempted to 
represent the student's views 
and feeling in addition to both 
sides of the issue. 

two-page center spreads de- 
picting graphically or pictorially 
past or upcoming events of in- 
terest and importance have been 
one of the new features created 
by editor jim kreh. due to ample 
financial funds, the pioneer has 
also been able to publish more 
pictures and increased its size 
from six to eight pages. 

jim kreh — editor 

rognar honoi 

jenny baskin 

randy klopp 

jason lesley 

joedy klimas 

dolan hubbard 

nancy roakes 

vincenf withers 


K\ - ft / My 

\ \1 RiS ''•'" 

*} W y 

co-editors polly raab 

lindo sollosi 

business manager . . . carol Stewart 

business staff sue weddington 

nancy roakes 
sally link 
Stephen drye 
mary ellen myers 
carlo goodman 

copy kay boling 

amy rice 
cloinc hintxe 
chris zeger 
Jeffrey grube 
. doug sutton 
jeanne winters 

athletic editors bob gray 

dean farlow 
nancy gregory 
John auten 




recognition lynn robinson 

a turner 

typists jan hagerman 

leigh eagle 
oleta schmidt 
judi csontos 
amy rice 
barbara harrison 
kirn klein 
marcia rahn 
chris truhan 
lynn konchnik 

layouts randy klopp 

sally watters 

art bob selby 

toby roymer 

creative arts david hughes 

tish stoudemire 
shirlee king 
nick bishop 

photographers ragnar hanas 

randall c. stout 
reid sides 

advisors mary carol 

mr. david setzer 
mrs. bethany 

sayakini staff 

J^k ' 


*sr ~™* 




rognar hanat 


randall c. stout 

lynn robinson 


doug sutron and Jeanne winters 

tilh stoudemire 

nick bishop 

dovid hughes 

oleta Schmidt 


artgela bullard 

V v 


korin monokian 

kay boling 

randy klopp 

barbara Harrison 

mary carol atterberry 

■ •■' i . 1 1 If Ilk ■•.p»#:<8»" 

■ Jfaj '■■ 

_„- «T ^ «i»- ^^^H 


^ /sLli ^H^' * ^^ ^^^ - — ^-^ 

k VU .^^^^^■■■wJmHHKS 

owl and the pussycat 

blue masque 

in 1969-1970 blue masque, 
catawba's drama club presented 
the owl and the pussycat, the 
boyfriend, a musical, chalet in 
Sweden, and j. b. 

blue masque also sponsored 
the ugly man contest during 
winter weekend, each year the 
organization holds an open 
house to acquaint new students 
with blue masque, each year in 
the spring, drama students go to 
new york city to see broadway 

journey's end 




X 1 



\ ** 

'# '*^^ 

• ^ 




Ha 'SMKMSp*" 

fc-^^^^^^^' '£^fl 

■ ■ 


cyrano de bergerac 

owl and the pussycat 

cyrano de bergerac 

cyrano de bergerac 

the boyfriend 

the boyfriend 

owl and the pussycat 

man for all seasons 

president dean farlow 

vice president debbie book 

secretary-treasurer abby hastings 

advisor mrs. pat whitley 

waa sponsors, directs and supervises all 
women's intramural sports throughout the 
year, the club also sponsors the varsity 
tennis, hockey, and basketball teams. 

in the fall waa introduces catawba girls 
to their officers and activities at a picnic, 
in spring, may day is under waa super- 
vision, co-chairmen are mary Johnson, 
joanne shotzberger, and martha petrey. 

women's athletic association 



i i/rsggs 



formed to promote interest in the 
field of accounting and business, the 
accounting club offers excellent op- 
portunity for students related to these 
academic fields, five dinner meetings 
held throughout the year feature 
qualified guest speakers to acquaint 
the student more fully with practical 
business experience, other activities of 
the accounting club include a variety 
show, a Christmas party, and a spring 
picnic at tanglewood. 

accounting club 

the advertising club is open to 
all students interested in advertis- 
ing and the related fields, this club 
is very active, holding five dinner 
meetings featuring respected guest 
speakers, homecoming flower 
sales, an alumni reception, a clean 
up service project, two car washes, 
a faculty-student golf tournament, 
and an annual Christmas party 
and club picnic in conjunction with 
the accounting club, the advertis- 
ing club has also set up a loan 
fund established for short term 
loans, a scholarship given to the 
outstanding junior business stu- 
dent, and a gift to the library. 

advertising club 


student christian association 

service is the key to the student christian 
association, dedication to service of others, to 
constructive aims, and to the use and living 
of christian ideals, is displayed through the 
club's many activities, all students are fami- 
liar with the singspiration, religious perspec- 
tives week, the place, homecoming mums, and 
the live nativity scene, many members are in- 
volved with the nazareth children's home, 
blood donations, and various tutoring pro- 

sigma psi 

sigma psi is composed of psychology 
and sociology majors and underclass- 
men interested in majoring in these 
fields, the purpose of the club is to 
explore vocational fields in many 
areas of sociology and psychology, 
meetings with professors provide for 
interesting and informative discussions 
about many of today's problems. 


the catawba college band has added 
new uniforms and twenty-five new mem- 
bers to its numbers this year, the band's 
activities now include marching during 
football games, concert performances, an 
annual may day performance, and an out 
of state band tour, a new section has been 
added to supplement the band, featuring 
popular music, these additions to the 
catawba college band give mr. suggs and 
the rest of the members great hopes for 
an even more impressive future. 


":?'■■■:-■ ■ ~ . ''■-■•■ , • '^J^mA 







9F X i : 

»* ** 



the choir is a group of forty voices 
selected by audition, under the di- 
rection of dr. bond, the choir will 
tour europe this summer, highlights 
of the tour will be a concert at the 
Salisbury cathedral, Salisbury, eng- 
land and attendance at the famous 
passion plays at oberammergau, 

the modern ensemble, a small 
group of fine singers selected from 
the choir, performs music of a 
lighter nature on campus and in the 



glee club 

the catawba college glee club is a newly 
organized group on campus designed for 
those students who enjoy singing, they per- 
form light classical and popular music on 
campus and throughout the community, 
this year the group presented two major 
programs: one at christmas and a spring 
concert in april. 

ars de musica 

ars de musica, the only music-related club on 
campus, is open to anyone who is interested in 
music, this organization encourages student parti- 
cipation in musical activities both on and off 
campus, such as the artists' series and local music 
events, musical performances by the students on 
and off campus are urged, ars de musica supports 
the aims and ideals of the state and national 
federation of music to help make music a vital 
part of the campus life of catawba. mrs. lucile 
epperson, professor of music, serves as the club's 

seymour science club 

the seymour science club is dedicated to fur- 
thering an interest in science of all catawba 
students and faculty, this year the club has had 
many interesting speakers discussing a wide spec- 
trum of topics, field trips and work on catawba's 
nature trail are only a few of the club's activities. 

astronomy club 

the purpose of the astronomy club has been 
to promote an interest in astronomy, since we 
have the largest observatory in the state and 
an excellent planetarium, the facilities are 
outstanding, the club this year has been con- 
cerned with photography, and club members 
have taken numerous pictures through the 
telescope of the moon and various planets, 
these photographs will be shown in the spring, 
another activity scheduled for the spring is a 
trip in order to view the total solar eclipse 
which will occur. 

this fall members visited the largest ob- 
servatory in the southeast at the university of 
Virginia in Charlottesville, members of the club 
also have assisted at the observatory and 
planetarium programs given for school groups 
and the general public. 

major's club is composed of phy- 
sical education majors and others 
interested in physical education, 
the objectives of the club ore to 
create and stimulate wide, intelli- 
gent, and active interest and parti- 
cipation in health, physical educa- 
tion, and recreational activities, 
and to cooperate with school, state, 
and national organizations to se- 
cure special information and im- 
proved teaching methods, the 
powderpuff football game and 
field day are annual projects of 
the club. 


sigma pi alpha 

sigma pi alpha is the honorary 
foreign language fraternity for those 
students who have distinguished them- 
selves in this field of study, this year 
the club attempted to produce a more 
varied program for the members under 
the direction of the club advisor, dr. 
johnny young, the monthly meetings 
included guest speakers, catawba's 
foreign exchange student, foreign 
christmas cards, slides presented by 
members who have traveled abroad, 
and folk singing, the club also planned 
a ski trip under the authority of the 
french-swiss ski college, membership 
into the club is gained through in- 
duction during a secret initiation cere- 

plii epsilon 

members of phi epsilon undertake 
a variety of activities throughout each 
academic year, prospective students 
who wish to visit catawba are taken on 
tours of the campus conducted by the 
girls in phi epsilon. the packaging and 
mailing of college catalogues in coor- 
dination with the admissions office is 
another of the club's endeavors. The 
decorating of the victory bell at home- 
coming and the christmas tree in the 
student union are among the services 
phi epsilon has rendered this year. 

kappa tau kappa 

kappa tau kappa meetings have 
been in the interest for and of future 
teachers, the club has honored the 
student teachers, with this year's rep- 
resentative student teachers being sue 
Johnson and ron christman. attending 
student north Carolina education asso- 
ciation conventions in both raleigh and 
charlotte, the club had a state officer 
with ron christman serving as state 
parliamentarian, mr. crosby, state co- 
ordinator for integrating schools, will 
be the guest speaker at the annual 
banquet, the meetings include talks 
on such pertinent subjects as psychol- 
ogy in school, drug abuse, job inter- 
viewing and applying, and integration 
problems in our schools, the club also 
publishes a newsletter called chalk- 

f: TV- 

warson brothers tv 

. ■ service^ '•.'; 

■ jjt nj^r^f 

M^* ^ ' 

• rentals 
• sates 
:..-.■■ •service 








school supplies 






"It's PET. 

RscVj \ you bet! 


Stick around. 

One of the best things about growing up in 
this area is that you never have to leave it. 
Because its economy is growing by leaps 
and bounds, producing new job opportunities 
in both business and agriculture. Too, you'll find 
technical and higher education facilities second 
to none. So, come graduation time, stick around. 
You wont find a better place to live, work and play. 

Duke Power wm 

catawba pharmacy 

1908 w. innes st. 




a more 

beautiful you" 

1601 w. innes St. 


gold shop 

206 s, main st; .'; ,.■/';• 

save! by your fashions 
and get big savings! 

zartman hall 

the south's greatest jewelers 






SINCE 1984 

101 so. main (on the square) 


arnold's 3" 

"your guide to better 
fashions for 27 years" 


tire service 

your exclusive U. S.tire distributor 

Compliments of 


Raleigh, North Carolina 



1/ \w&xyo 


'Salisburys Finest Fashion Center" 
Corner Main & Fisher 

bishop c. leonard 

oldest jeweler" 

,r -■'*'-? 

rowan music co. 

100 so. main st. 


belle harry 

roakes grocery 

: grocery' ■"■ _/., 

1 12 mahqley ave. 

quality motel 

1420 east innes st. 

1-85 albemarle exit 

phone 636-6640 

"the home away from home 

for your parents and friends" 

jim whittington, owner 

on interstate 85 

east spencer exit 

Salisbury, north Carolina 


coca-cola bottling co. 

of Salisbury, n. c. 

the Carolina 

coin caterer's corp. 

woodson hall 



lee Cream 

visit our dairy bar 
1354 w. innes st. 

Salisbury, n. c. 

Rustin Furniture 

north hall seniors 

Carolina camera 

116 north main street 

Salisbury, n. c. 
"0. 636-0891 


use your credit 

diamonds 120 s. main 

watches 636-1421 


downtown jewelers 
w. h. leonard and sons 

jewelers of trusted reputation for 3 generations 

the college lounge 

welcome catawba students 

gamble's esso service 

1532 west innes st. 
Salisbury, n. c. 28144 

of a 

please patronize 



Bowling is fun for everyone 




Hallmark Cards 



"we love the people who 
get in our hair" 

re all over campus 
even on stage 

Discounts to students 

student index 

abee, Chester; soph ; 
adams, david; soph.; 198 
adams. horold, fr.; 202 
adams, henry; sr., 104, 208 
adams, larance; sr.; 104, 190 
albnght, douglas; sr.; 104, 196, 49 



linda; fr.; 173 

ed, kay; soph.; 179 
!n, robert; sr.; 104, 208 
on, rebecca; sr.; 104, 208 
mons, mary; soph ; 208 
lerman, beth; fr.; 173, 90 
lerson, linda, soph.; 179 

is, Jessica; fr.; 174, 90 
efield, John; jr.; 
ngham, fay; fr., 174 
odgdon, lawrence; soph ; 208 
ry; soph.; 180, 157 

l, Clyde 


davis, mary; sr.; 109, 209 
davis, rita; fr ; 174 
davis, robert; sr.; 110, 196, 219 
davis, Sharon; sr.; 110, 181 
deaton, William, fr , 203 
dedmon, Susan; sr., 1 10, 209 
deese, freida; soph.; 174 
delk, cathy; fr.; 174 
dellinger, alfred; fr.; 
dempster, marcia; sr.; 110, 181 
denlinger, gerald; fr.; 203 

dickens, michael; soph ; 203 
dillow, gordon; fr.; 203 
dodson, donald; fr.; 203 
domcr, patricia; fr.; 174, 90 
donati, |ohn, 1 10, 209 


104, 190 
.; 19 

atterberry, mary; sr.; 104, 179, 68, 164, 221, 

aument. peggy; fr .; 173 

aungst, bette; sr.; 105, 179, 60, 61, 164, 221 

auten,' John; jr.; 196 



bder, timothy; 
bagnal, margaret; soph ; 173 
bailey, howard; jr.; 200 
bailey, raymond; sr.; 105, 190, 



jr.; 208 


»r„ 105, 109 

soph.; 200 


n, carolyn; sr.; 105, 179, 246 



ohn; sr.; 

191, 164 

o, daniel 

soph.; 191 

; soph.; 208 


fr.; 179 

t; soph.; 173 


, kenna; 

r.; 208 


sr; 105, 208 


ger, mich 

Ml; sr.; 105, 208 




; sr.; 105, 208 

jr.; 180, 225, 252 

bausch, cheryl; 

soph.; 187 
■ 200 

; 198 

r; 105, 191 


soph.; 180 

oh ; 180, 220 

beasley, donnie 

fr.; 202 


106, 180, 252 

r.; 106, 208 


beeson, karen; 

oph.; 173 


; 180 

106, 191 

bell, george; soph.; 

benson, bonnie; 

sr.; 106 

r; 198 

berkhei'ser, sam 

jr.; 196 

berrier, anna; soph.; 

berrier, roy; sr.; 106, 187, 208 

betts, karen; soph.; 173 

biggers, lane; sr.; 106, 196 

bmgamon, debra; jr ; 180 

binkley, timothy; jr.; 191, 252 

bishop, nicholas; sr.;_l 06,J 91 , 231, 236, 240 


blalock, dave 

' soph ; 198 

bland, mary; 

soph.; 174 

blanks, jack; 

soph.; 196 

sr.; 107, 180 

bleacher, dole 

res; jr.; 174, 160 





boal, elizabeth; jr.; 

bohr, christin 

e; sr.; 107, 172, 


bokick, laure 

nee; sr.; 107, 200 

boling, kay; 

oph ; 180, 233 

bomberger, w 

illcam; |r.; 191, 244 

bonman, russ 

ell; jr.; 202 

book, debra; 

r.; 180, 64, 156 





243, 258 

book, lacolyn 

soph.; 180, 57, 



bost, christin 

3; soph.; 

boutilier, day 

d; i'r ; 208 

boutwell, Jeanne; ir.; 174 

bowman, rus 

brackett, vie 

i, fr.; 208, 158 

bracia, bonni 

e; soph.; 174 

bradshaw, br 

'nda; soph.; 187 

brady, douglc 

s; soph , 202 
soph.; 202 

ndal; fr.; 202 


.teve; jr.; 191 

brick, beth; j 

; 187, 252 

butler, charles; fr ; 202 
buxton, John; fr.; 208 
bynum, todd; soph.; 201 
coble, gory; jr.; 196 

Cameron sally'- sr 

107, 180 


107, 209 


jr.; 180 


r.; 191 


■ 108, 191 

brenda, : ir 

180. 252 

Sharon; fr 

; 174 

.; 180 

carpenter, steve; fr,; 



nda; soph 

, 180 

ynn; soph 

; 209 


fr.; 202 


karen; fr ; 


196, 165, 220 252 

lristie, jane; sr.; 108, 187, 70, 165, 219, 221 
iristman, ron, sr ; 108, 209, 156, 165 
app, kenneth; sr.; 108, 200, 165, 218 219 
ark, betty; soph.; 174 

nartha, soph ; 209 

, johnny; fr ; 202 

conte, kathy; fr 
cooke, dorothy: 
cooke, patti; fr 

, 174, 57 

cooper, peter; |r 
Copley , terry; sr 
corbett, mike; s 
corriher, douglas 

corriheK John; t 
eostner, robert; 

' 109, 196 

.; 109, 191, 251 

; jr.; 202 

.; 209' 

r.; 109, 191 

, Stephen; soph.; 203 

174, 252, 255 

a ford, hilly ,fr.; 209 
vs, daniel; jr.; 203 
:her, lucy; soph.; 1 ) 


I; soph.; 191 

currie, kathy; soph.; 181, 160, 161 
daqenhardt, johnny; soph.; 209 
dohlgren, charles; soph,; 203 
dolbey, William; soph.; 203 
daniels, karhryn; soph.; 209 
daughcrty, janet; jr.; 209 
daugherty, patsy; fr,; 209, 59 
daugherty, raymond; sr.;J_09, 209 

durham, clif'tc 

n; jr., 191 

soph.; 198 

early, beverly 

soph. 181 

earnhardt, gary; soph.; 210 

; it.; 181 

eastburn, dav 

d; sr.; 110, 200, 219 

edns, robert; 

sr.; Ill, 191 

edwards, george; soph.; 210 

efeid, delane, 

jr.; 210 

eller, barry; f 

. 210 

eller, eddie; j 

.; 210 

eller, lynefte; 

sr.; 1 1 1, 210 

ellinqsworth, elizabeth; soph 

; 188 

soph.; 188 

ellis, adele; fr 

; 188, 68 

ellis, Jeffrey; 

r.; 191 


sr ; 111, 203 

•nan; sr.; Ill, 

210, 236 

enos, kathryn 

sr.; Ill, 181, 

156, 90 

sr.; 11 1, 191 

fr.; 203 

soph.; 198 

e; fr.; 181, 64 

157, 90 

everhardt, joa 

nne; sr.; Ill, 

74, 223 

eyler, bill; |r.; 191, 252, 255 

fain, lorry; |r.; 1 1 1, 210 

fairbanks, lynda; sr,; 111, 181,51,252 

fairchild, robert; fr.; 203 

farlow, gayla; sr.; 1 11, 181, 166,222, 223, 234, 

242, 243 
farrar, robert; sr.; 112, 191 
faust, trances, sr ; 112, 210, 221 



ferguson, victoria, sr., 112, 181 
ferrall, sarah, soph.; 188 
fesperman, gary; sr.; 175 
1 fr.; 175 



(ink. gary, sr.; 1 12, 210 
finlaw, bonnie; soph ; 175 
fitzgerald, elsie; fr., 175 
fleischman, William; fr., 203 
fletchcr, wilham, ir , 192, 252 

follas, roger; sr.; 112, 210 
forcum, rebecca; ;r.; 175 
forney, |ohn; sr.; 113, 192 
fortenberry, John; jr.; 196 
fortune, skip; jr.; 197 
fowler, rodger; fr.; 203 
franklin, dennis; jr.; 203 
freirich, glenn; sr.; 1 13, 210 
frye, thomas, sr.; 113, 192, 236 
fuller allyson, jr ; 175 
funk, fred; sr ; 113, 192 
fuss, gerald; sr.; 1 13, 210 
fust, penny; fr.; 210 


1, ann; soph.; 181 


jph.; 181, 90 



e, linda; 

fr.; 210 


r, jane; fr 

; 175 


s; jr.; 192 


on, mike; 

sr.; 1 13, 201 


, glenn; 

r.; 203 

qihhs, t.hadwick; soph., 203 

gill, iane; sr.; 113, 210 

gilmore, deborah; soph,; 181, 136, 159, 258 

girdler, peggy; fr.; 

glascoe, tony; sr.; 114, 210 

glover, John; sr., I 14 

godsey, William; fr.; 203 

godwin, bobbie; jr.; 210 

goldmg, John; soph.; 192 

gomeringer, John; |r.; 197 
goodltn, robert; jr.; 192 
goodman, carlo; soph.; 181, 160 
gcsztcnf adrienne; sr 1H, 181 
graham, patricia; sr.; 114, 175 

gray, robert; jr.; 197 

green, arthur; soph.; 

green, donald; jr.; 192 

gregory, nanyc; jr.; 90 

gregory, waiter; fr.; 203 

griffin, bill; jr.; 1 14, 203 

gnmes, Julia: fr.; 182 

grimes, lena, jr.; 182 

grimes, margaret; fr.; 181 

gnmshaw, Steven; fr.; 204 

grackenberger, thomas; soph.; 192 

grube, jeffreq, soph,; 

gudger, cynthia; fr.; 182 

gv.athmey, ann.; fr.; 182 

haas, lames, sr.; 1 14, 201 

hagerman, ianet; sr.; 114, 182, 166 

hake, sandy; fr,; 188, 223 

hall, Stella; soph., 182 

halliwell, |ohn; sr.; 114, 192 

hamby, doris; fr.; 182 

204, 225, 229 

hordin, ,ohn; fr,; 204 

hardison, ray; sr.; 115, 204 

harper, thomas; sr.; 115, 197 

hamngton, mary; sr., 115, 182 

hams, kathy; soph.; 182 

harrison, barbara; sr.; 115, 182, 235 

harrold, William; soph.; 192 

hart, bettelynne; soph.; 175 

hart, mike; soph.; 192 

hart, rebeci 

barbara; soph ; 18 



115, 211, 236, 241 



r.; 182 



gary; s 

.; 115, 211 
r.; 115, 211 


jr.; 211 


nderson, car 


w,n, V 


soph, 182, 
fr ; 175 





d, sr.; 115, 



bill, s 

I, ca 

ol, fr , 


1, ike; sr.: 1 15, 204 

1, ka 

fr.; 182, 33 



1; sr.; 116, 




alan; fr:,- 204 




jr.; 192 



soph.; 192 


a; fr.; 188 

fr.; 182 


fr.; 204 


nd, tho 

-nas; fr.; 

hobbs, cathy; fr.; 18 
hoffman, finda; fr.; 
hoffner, cathy; fr. 


fr.; 204 
s °R n 

fr,; 204 

holeman, Carlisle; soph.; 182, 65, 56, 223 
holland, wade; sr.; 116, 192 
hollifield. susan; sr , 116, 1 88, 228 
jr ; 204 




oneycutt, nancy; sr.; 116, 182 
hood, katherine; sr.; 116, 182 
hooper, jay; soph,, 204 
hopkins, james; 
horn, john; soph.; 
home, Joseph; jr.; 192 
houck, ernest; sr.; 116, 211 
houck, susan; sr.; 116, 211 
houghton, carol; |r„ 182 
hovis, mary; fr.; 1 82 

howard, salrye; sr.; 116, 182, 166, 223, 252 
howenstein, melissa; soph.; 175 
hubbard, dolan; |r,; 193, 227 
hudgins, sue; sr.; 116, 182 

soph.; 19 
dson, nancy; soph.; 117, 18 



et; soph.; 1 83 
hughes, david, |r.; 193, 231, 239 
hughes, george, soph ; 200 
hunter, henry, soph.; 117, 193 
hutchens, michael; sr.; 117, 193 
hyman, norma; sr.; 117, 188,' " 
.canhour Judy; sr.; 117, 183 
idzikowski, lynda; soph.; 175 
inman, Steve; soph , 211 
Irvine, lanice; soph, 188 
iseley, donald; sr ; 117, 193 
lackson, dana, jr.; 175 
jackson, susan; fr.; 204 
lames, fiarry; fr., 204 
james, jacquelyn; jr.; 188 
James, kathryn; fr.; 175 
lames, mary, soph.; 175 
larrell, sharyn; soph.; 183 
lerolamon, gerald; soph.; 
jessie, Judy; sophy.; 175 

lohnson, bobby; soph.; 

Johnson', root 

r; s 

r.; 117, 204 

soph.; 197 

r.; 118, 183 





; 117, 172, 167 


118, 211 

r.; 211 


ski, bonnie . ' 


keenberq, la 


sr.; 118, 193 


r, darr 


r.; 204 



keithlev, Steve; fr.; 204 
keller, thomas, fr.; 204 
kelly, debra; fr.; 183, 64, 58 
kendall, wayne; fr.; 193 
kepley, jack; fr.; 
kessler, marsha; soph.; 183 
kester, ann; soph.; 183 
ketchie, gary; soph.; 211 
kiker, bonita; jr.; 183, 221 
king, dale; fr.; 204 
king, John; fr.; 
king, michael; fr.; 
king, shirlee; jr.; 183, 236, 240 
kirby, Christine I ; fr.; 175, 223 
kirkland, gordan; sr.; 1 18, 21 1 
kissling, penny; fr.; 188 
klein, kirn; jr.; 183 

fr.; 175 
knox, ann o; soph.; 188, 67 
kochman, gary s.; sr.; 
koffel, barbara; sr.; 118, 188 
konchnik, lynn; sr.; 118, 183 

fr.; 204 

koser, robert m.; fr ; 204 
kreh, William Jim; jr.; 193, 224 
krisko, thomas; jr. 
krizay, Judy, soph.; 1 83 
ucharski, kathleen; soph; 183 


e; f 

r.; 175 


karnes, james; 

keenberg, larry 

1 18, 





; 183 

keithley. steve 


er, thomas; fr.; 204 
kelly, debra; fr.; 183, 64, 58 
kendall, wayne; fr,; 193 
kepley, jack; fr. 
kessler, marsha; soph.; 183 
kester, ann; soph.; 183 
ketchie, garry; soph,; 211 
kiker, bonnie jr.; 183, 221 
king, dale r.; fr.; 204 
king, John c ; fr. 



king, shirlee; |r.; 183, 236, 240 
lackey, rebecca; soph.; 
lacy, ronnie; soph.; 176 
lagakis, claira; 1; fr.; 176 
lagle, rickie; soph.; 21 1 
andis, mark; soph ; 193 
landis, richard; sr.; 1 18, 21 1 
landreth, joel; sr.; 1 18, 193 
laney. roachel; fr.; 204, 1 57 
latsha, beverly; |r; 183 
lawrenco, danny; soph.; 198 
lawson, james m„- ;r.; 197 
layton, loseph w.; fr.; 205 
lear, Judith k.; fr,; 21 1 
lee, robert e.; soph, 
leech, dean; sr.; 1 19, 193, 221 
lees, jane; sr.; 11 9, 183, 239, 252 
lemmon, wanda; sr.; 119, 183 
lentz, james w.; soph.; 211 
John; fr.; 205 

sley, |a 

211, 219, 226 
fr; 176 
lewis, Sharon; soph ; 183 
levan, marjory; sr.; 119, 188 
I., steve; fr.; 205 
lilly, mary ellen; sr.; 119, 183 
linder, angela; jr.; 21 1 
link, sally; soph ; 183 
hppord, susan; sr.; 119, 211 
lippincott, lorraine; jr.; 176 
lisa, Josephine; sr.; 223 
litaker, david; fr.; 211 
little, barbara; soph ; 1 


ary i 


loflin, daphne; soph.; 18 

long! do 


r.; 212 

..rvj, v. 

soph.; 212 

V jr.; 188 


jr.; 176 

, soph,; 1 76 


k.; soph.; 176 

lowe, d 

fr.; 176 


i, soph.; 212 

lubas, daniel; 

jr.; 193 


v b .; soph.; 212 


, robert; soph. 

lundy, r 


fr.; 205 

iges, dean; sr.; 1 19, 193, 139 
mella, loseph; fr.; 205 
kel, byrd e.; soph.; 193 
lin, ginny I.; jr.; 183 


; 120, 193 

1; jr.; 212 


r', robert 

soph.; 193 

ncdougall, glendale; soph,; IS 
ncgaha, dennis; sr ; 120, 193 
ncgeary, donita, fr.; 176 
nchenry, martin; sr.; 120, 19: 
ncintosh, dale; 212 
ndachlan, hugh; soph ; 205 
nclaughlin, colleen; fr.; 176 

ik, david; fr.; 205 

lid, pat; soph.; 205 

;en, rebecca; jr.; 176, 160 

-I, beverly; soph.; 176 
r, michael; sr.; 120, 193 
, richard; sr.; 120, 193 
el, Chester; sr.; 121, 212 
el, vivian, soph,; 1 76 
, cynthia; fr.; 212 
, karl; fr.; 205 
, lane; soph.; 205 

mary ann; fr,; 184 
, waiter, soph.; 193 
, William; fr. 205 
augh, john; jr.; 21 2 

76, 221, 223 

69, 218, 220 

harry; jr ; 205, 30 

richard; jr.; 197 

e, johnny; fr.; 1 E 

121, 184, 62, 63, 167, 219, 

nypaver, ed; soph.; 205 

, 122, 212 


122, 189, 57 
3h.; 194 
r .; 205 

184, 252 

22, 212 
in; jr.; 212 
fr.; 189 
122, 194, 197, 252 
; 258 

122, 197 

'rcash, glenn; 

122, 194 

fr.; 177 
owens; Charles; fr. 
Padgett, james; sr.; 122, 213 
pahel, corey; soph. 199 

payne, richard 
peddicord, popper; j 
Pendleton, helen; jr 

184, 223 

, 22, 194 

david; soph,; 213 





perry, dwight; fr.; 205 

perry, floyd; fr. 

petrey, martha; jr.; 177, 159 

pfeiffer, charles; fr.; 205 

pharis, linda; sr.; 123, 177 


phifer, dwain 
phillips, donn 
pickett, jerry; 

123, 194 

fr.; 213 
noy; soph.; 213 

poorbaugh, susan; fr.; 184, 90, 223 
pope, clifton; sr.; 123, 200, 167, 219 
poplin, deborah; fr.; 177 
porter, John; fr. 206 
poston, elaine; soph, 
poston, ronald; jr.; 213 
presnell, robert; fr.; 206 
price, linda; jr.; 189 
proctor, gorrell; sr.; 123, 213 
proctor, kathy; fr.; 213 
prosser, beth; soph; 177; 223 
pryygoda, Stanley; fr.; 206 
putnam, ken; sr.; 123, 200, 221 
quattlebaum, ed.; soph.; 199 
queen, deborah; jr.; 184, 49 
raab, polly; jr.; 184, 43, 228 
racey, kermit; fr.; 206 
rahn, marcia; soph.; 184 
rambo, crystal; fr.; 189 
rames, robin; soph.; 199 
ratchford, david; fr.; 206 

raymer, toby'tha;' 


redding, fred, soph.; 


oph.; IE 

, edward; 
reid, gray; jr.; 194 
reindollar, robert; jr.; 194 
reinhardt, sr.; 123, 197 
reynolds, elinor; sr.; 50 
reynolds, mike; sr,; 123, 206 
rhodes, carol; soph.; 184 
rhodes, susan; fr.; 177 
rice, amy; soph.; 184, 219, 234, 252 
richardson, donald; fr.; 206 
riepen, scott; fr.; 206 
riggs, ronald; soph.; 


ritchie, kenneth, b.; 

roakes, nancy; soph.; 177, 227 
roberts, harold; soph.; 213 
robinson, judy, soph.; 177 
robmson, lynn; jr.: 177, 230 
rodgers, george, fr.; 206 
roeder, steve; fr. 
rogers, dennis; soph., 213 

soph.; 213 

124, 185, 67, 16 

sapna, george; fr.; 206 



utherford; fr.; 206 
edgar, fr.; 206 



chrrndt, nancy; sr.; 124, 177 
chmidt, oleta; sr.; 124, 185, 232 
chneider, kevin; sr.; 124, 213 
choderbek, jr., John; soph., 200 
choonmaker, Stanley w.; soph.; 199, 157 


der, Carroll; sr.; 124, 194, 16 

z, William |.; sr.; 124, 213 


e, William c, sr.; 125, 194 

Sarah b.; soph.; 189 

e, cynthia; jr.; 177 

ves, carlotta r ; jr.; 177 

richard s.; fr.; 206 

, roberf w.; sr.; 125, 194, 74 


don; fr.; 213 


bob; jr.; 213 


lohn r.;'sr.; 125, 194 

keith 1.; soph.; 213 


roberf s.; fr.; 206 

shook, sally; soph; 185 
shafer, roger c; sr.; 125, 194 
shaffer, gerald e.; soph.; 194, 
shondor, frank; jr. 
sharpe , david g.; fr. 
shaver, linda; sr.; 125, 185 
sheaver, robert k.; fr.; 206 
shelton, charles t.; soph.; 199 
shelton, William r.; soph.; 201 

, pau 


sherrill, jeonnie I.; jr.; 214 
shields, richard e.; fr.; 206 
shuie, jayne; sr.; 125, 214 
shotzberger, jo ann; jr.; 214 
shuford, belton s.; fr ; 206 
shuler, mary ruth; sr.; 125, 214 
sides, herman r.; soph.; 199 


jmes r.; jr.; 214 
mice: jr.; 214 
icky; jr.; 200, 222 
deborah; fr.; 1 77 
jmes; sr.; 125, 195 
marlene m.; fr. 

simerson, boyd k.; fr.; 214 

singleton, gregory; soph. 

skiff .sally; fr; 177 

sloop, larry w.; jr.; 214 

sloop, mary e,; soph.; 214 

slusher, ronald j.; soph. 

smith, alan i.; soph. 

smith, barbara; soph.; 185, 223 

smith, carl I.; fr.; 206 

smith, david m.; fr.; 206 

smith, dayle w.; fr ; 206 

smith, deborah I.; soph.; 214 

smith, James e.; soph. 

smith, Janet g.; sr.; 214 

smith, michael c; fr.; 207 

smith, paula I.; jr., 185 

smoot, g. scott; sr. 

snow, James f.; soph ; 195 

snow, sarah e, fr.; 177 

snyder, c. wesley; sr.; 125, 214 

snyder, [eland s.; sr.; 126, 195 

soderman, susan I.; sr.; 126, 185, 226 

sollosi, linda, jr.; 185, 43, 228 

solt, sharon ly.; fr.; 185 

somers, henry; jr.; 195 

somes, frank r.; fr,; 207 

sparks, Jeffrey m.; sr.; 126, 214 

speiran, gary k.; fr.; 195 

spittle, billie m.; jr.; 177, 158 

springer, William j.; fr.; 207 



ele, randy; s 

126, 214 

gall, martha 

; 126, 214 

n, karen 1.; 



nert, kathar 

a.; jr.; 185 

ter, hope; s 


.; 185, 223 

jr.; 201 

wart, carol, 


126, 185, 66 



stirewalt, Jacob e ; sr.; 126, 214 
stone, Julia d.; |r.; 177 
story, nancy t.; jr. 
stoudemire, peggy; jr.; 185, 231 
stout, randall c; fr.; 207, 221, 229 
stoner, beverly; fr.; 177 
.ike; jr. 





swander, c 

swanner, robert r.; sr.; 126, 214 

swicegood, nancy p.; sr.; 126, 214 

swilkey, eugene; sr.; 127, 195 

talley, lou ann; fr.; 178 

tatum, harold w.; sr.; 127, 214, 236, 241 

totum, karen; jr.; 214 

taylor, betsy; jr.; 178 

taylor, david; soph.; 207 

taylor, Julia m.; soph.; 178 

taylor, sara; jr.; 185, 90, 223, 243, 258 

terry, robert b.; jr.; 214 

thoma, mark; jr.; 197 

thomas, carol d.; sr,; 127, 185 

thomas, ,ohn c; fr ; 214 

thomas, sharon b.; |r .; 178 

thomason, royce; jr.; 215 

thompson, frank a.; |r. 

thompson, janie m.; fr. 

thompson, judy a.; sr.; 127, 185 

thompson, paul; sr.; 127, 215 

thornburg, barry I.; sr.; 127, 215 

tidrick, Jeffrey, b.; soph.; 195 

oph.; 199 

tobias, alfred m.; soph, 
tomlinson, charles e.; soph.; 199 
tootoo, larry; soph.; 215 
travis, Joan; soph.; 185 
treas, lou anne; fr., 178, 158 
treece, carolyn j.; jr.; 178, 223 
treece, donna j.; fr.; 178 
trexler, marvin r.; soph.; 195 
trimble, susan, soph., 186, 90 

truhan, Christine a.; soph, 

truluck, frank h.; jr.; 195 

tucker, Stephen m.; fr.; 207 

tulloss, John; sr.; 127, 207 

turbyfill, robert, sr.; 168 

turner, baxter e.; soph. 

turner, debra b.; fr., 186 

turner, janna; jr.; 178, 230 

tussey, jimmy; fr.; 207 

tutterow, John s,; fr. 

tyndall, valinda c; sr.; 127, 186 

tzouvelekas, dathy j.; fr.; 1 86 

upright, elizabeth a.; jr.; 215 

vade, edward; fr.; 207 

vanbrunt, linda r.; soph ; 186, 56 

vanschaick, susan; soph.; 1 89 

varian, michael c; soph. 

vaughan, charles h.; soph.; 195, 222 

vaughn, richard c; jr.; 195 

verner, James w.; fr.; 207 

vess, ronald t.; sr. 

vial, Charles c; jr. 

vollbracht, reta; sr.; 127, 178 

vosburgh, lisa; fr.; 189 

vukasin, natasha; fr.; 178 

wade, edward j.; fr. 

wagner, elizabeth p.; soph,; 186, 67, 59 

wagner, James I.; jr.; 195 

wagner, karen e.; fr.; 1 86 

wagoner, sharon e.; sr.; 128 ,215 

walker, susan m.; soph.; 178 

walthour. bruce I.; sr.; 128, 215 

ward, cathleen r.; fr.; 189 

ward, teresa j.; fr.; 189 

washam, woodrow t.; soph.; 195 
wasson, thomas g.; jr.; 215 
waters, bobby t.; jr.; 197 
wotkins, sally a.; soph.; 176 
watson, barbara I ; fr.; 186 
watson, diane I ; fr.; 186, 158 
watson, janet I.; jr.; 215 
watson, mary e.; jr.; 215 
watters, sally m.; soph,; 189, 223 
watts, judy e.; fr.; 178 
weaver, d. amelia; soph.; 186 
weaver, kathy a.; |r.; 215 
weaver, marsha c; soph.; 178, 59 
weaver, susan a.; soph.; 186 
webb, Jill I.; sr.; 128, 186, 255 
webb, michael I.; jr.; 195 
weber, daniel m.; jr.; 207 
webster, John; sr.; 128, 215 
weddington, sue c; jr.; 215 

welker, Judith' I., sr.; 128, 186 
wells, grace m.; fr.; 189 
wendel, charles; fr. 
wentz, ann h.; jr.; 215 
wenzel, lorna; jr.; 178 
west, wayne b.; sr.; 128, 215 
wheeler, William; sr.; 128, 215, 222 
whisnant, brenda; sr.; 127, 172 
whitaker, ronald; fr.; 207 
whitaker, thomas I.; sr.; 128, 215 
white, david k.; jr.; 215 
white, randall r.; fr.; 207 
whitley, susan c; fr.; 178 
Whitney, richard h., sr.; 129, 197 


oph.; 18 


le, martha, fr.; 189, 90 
1, michael I.; soph.; 195 
, charles r.; soph.; 199 
, douglas g.; soph,; 21 5 
, gail a.; soph.; 178 
, gerald w.; soph ; 207 

helen s.; soph.; 186 
. lynn e.; soph.; 178 



liamson, cynthia j ; fr.; 178 
liford, carolyn e.; |r.; 178 
lis, kirby r.; fr.; 207 
lis, marvin n.; fr.; 207 
son, deborah a.; fr.; 189 
son, deborah I.; soph.; 178 
son, harry w., sr.; 129, 215 

ary i 

fr.; 18 

winters, donald m.; fr.; 207 

winters, leanne m.; jr.; 178, 65, 223, 230 

withers, Vincent j.; soph , 195, 227 

Wolfgang, glenn; sr.; 129, 168, 252 

wood, j. barry; jr.; 207 

wood, jonnie d,; sr.; 129, 186, 69, 56, 159 

wood, robert c; sr.; 129, 215 

wood, ronnie h.; jr.; 195 

wooten, edward d.; fr. 

Wright, William b.; fr.; 207 

yates, anne; sr.; 129, 215 

yelton, emest I.; jr.; 215 

yinglmg, Steven c; fr.; 207 

york, maurice; sr.; 129, 197 

yost, donna; jr.; 186 

young, robert j.; soph,; 199 

yundt, nancy c; jr.; 186, 219, 252 

faculty and staff index 

p. 20 

bemhardt, henr 
brown, lois c; p. 2] 
byrd, phyllis; p. 22 
carpenter, albert; p. 21 
hall, bill; p. 22 
knox, emma; p. 22 
owen, j. foster; p. 21 
pridgen, forest g.; p. 23 
richards, m. m.; p. 20 
sessoms, david j.; p. 20 
setzer, david; pp. 21, 4, 
shore, veneta I.; p. 23 
shotzberger, dr. martin I 
smith, laura m.; p. 23 
swaim, adele; p. 21 
antonakos, dr. antonios; 

p. 49 

antonakos, dr. lillie; p. 34, 35 
applefield, bryan; p. 25 
barringer, ruby; p. 28 
beasley, blair, jr.; p. 30 
bell, dr. willis; p. 47 
benjamin, robert; p. 29, 244 
bond, dr. lawrence; p. 32, 255 
booth, Jeffrey; p. 36 
boyd, robert d.; p. 24 
bracken, dr. charles; p. 50 

brown, dr. j. daniel; p. 39 
buxton, dr. jay; p. 47 
caldwell, mary, p. 27 
carter, j, alvin; p. 29 
carter, marcia; p. 44 
cartner, della; p. 28 
chaffoo, albert; p. 32 
chase, fred 

colson, lillian; p. 34, 35 
hill, barbara; p. 28 
hoffner, pat; p. 28 
honaker, dr. gerald, p. 30 
howard, f. kennedy; p. 36 
iann, reid; p. 44 
kaneklides, doris; p. 42 
keeter, jack; p. 46 
kilgore , frank j.; p. 46 

kirk, d--, daniel e,; p. 47 
kirkrand, martha, p. 50 
lee, francos; p. 28 

macachren, hoyt; p. 30 

meggs, janis; p. 25 

rneyer, frank 

minrz, gail, p. 23 

moir, sam; p. 52 

montgomery, curhs, p. 50, 219 

mirehead, martha; p. 35 

cress, margaret; p. 43 
deal, edmund; p. 48 
deal, evelyn; p. 27 

dedmond, dr. francis; p. 34 
derting, roy; p. 29, 219 
detty, dr. wendell; p. 49 
eagan, charles; p. 33 
epperson, lucille; p. 32, 255 
faircloth, William; p. 52 
fischel, dr. sophie; p. 50 
foreman, hilda; p. 46 
french, katherine; p. 
gibbons, william; p. 46 
graham, claudia; p. 43 
griffith, bruce; p. 36 


, karl 

hail, ronald; p. 36 
hanfield, dr. robert; p. 48 
heckert, dr. paul; p. 41 
morehead, martha; p. 35 
mulhs, lounell; p. 42 
newell, e. bruce; p. 47 
oxendine, ray; p. 52 
pettigrew, dr. richard, p. 35 
pirovano, gilbert c; p. 32, 254, 257 
privett, dr. donald; p. 48 

rackley, william; p. 30 

randall, eleanor; p. 28 

reitz, richard; p. 44 

rhinehart, shirley; p. 28 

rich, dr. maynard; p. 42 

roemer, dr. hans; p. 44 

schiemann, dr. richard; p. 38, 222 

seiwell, porter; p. 38 

selby, dr. donald; p. 38 

eth; p. 

. 219 

shelton, dr. arthur; p. 41 

shelton, lee; p. 30 

singer, dr. c. gregg; p. 36, 37 

slade, ruth; p. 38 

sparks, meredith; p. 44, 220 

Stanley, martha; p. 26 

stratton, carolyn; p. 28 

Stratton, j. harvey; p. 52, 243 

strong, bethany sue; p. 35 

suggs, william; p. 32, 250 

warner, phyllis; p. 28 

wentz, frances; p. 43 

west, dr. james; p. 38 
whitener, dr. sterling; p. 41 
whitely, pat; p. 52, 243 
wigginton, dr. marvin; p. 32 
wilson, millard; p. 29 
wilson, William; p. 43 
Wright, cora, p. 26 
yadav, virenda; p. 40 
young, johnny; p. 44, 45 

randall c. stout 

■4 , * 

'VWM| .. £• 


the sentence is served and a task is complete. 

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